The Sun Journal recently decided to publish a letter (Jan. 4) from the chair of the Lewiston Democrats, Kiernan Majerus-Collins, which appears to be nothing more than a political hit piece. Worse yet, it demonstrates exactly what is wrong with politics in America.

Despite the fact that his democratic majority friends on the Lewiston City Council raised no objections to charging for entry to the Kennedy Park pool in 2017, Majerus-Collins seems to want to take a swipe at the mayor as the new year begins.

Who needs facts, though? The mayor was merely advocating to move funding for the pool from the recreation department to the general fund.

Worst though, Majerus-Collins goes on to bring up the tragic death of a Lewiston Middle School student as a reason why the mayor was wrong. That is exactly what is wrong with politics in America. Using a tragic accident as justification for political attacks and posturing is about as low as one can go.

Shame on him and his Lewiston Democrat friends for using a tragic accident with a child as a political pawn.

And shame on the Sun Journal for publishing such a misguided letter, with no regard for the family of the student.

Lewiston Democrats should stand up against Majerus-Collins’ appalling letter. It is unbecoming of anyone in a party leadership role to write such an offensive letter.

Benjamin Martin, Lewiston

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