LIVERMORE — Last week the Livermore Selectpersons had a discussion about the condition of some town roads.

Administrative Assistant Amy Byron told the board the road crew had patched a hole numerous times on the River Road but it doesn’t hold.

“As soon as it rains, it pushes the patch out,” Selectperson Chairman Mark Chretien said. “Our roads are in terrible shape.”

Chretien said the road plan presented at town meeting last June was just to resurface roads, to hold steady. If money isn’t put in for roads the situation is going to continue.

Last March 21, the budget committee and the three selectpersons in attendance could not agree on the dollar amount to request for capital road improvements at the Town Meeting. The budget committee recommended $350,000 while the Selectpersons recommended $525,000. Chretien and Selectperson Scott Richmond favored the amount while then-Selectperson Megan Dion was opposed.

At the June 13 Town Meeting Richmond spoke about the town’s 39.2 miles of road. If 4 miles were repaired annually, it would take 10 years for a complete road repair cycle. 3 miles would require 13 years, 2 miles 20 years or 40 years for the current practice of 1 mile.

Voters approved $350,000 for capital roads.

Last Tuesday Chretien said, “If we don’t continually put money into our roads, they’re never going to get better. We will be continually rebuilding roads.”

Richmond added, “The $525,000 last year was a long term plan. Once the roads are fixed, resurface them so they last seven to ten years. If we don’t put big money in, they won’t.”

Selectperson Tom Gould suggested putting together a comprehensive plan with numbers to show what it is costing the town.

“We can’t make a plan when we have to keep going back to fix a road. Butter Hill is one example. We can’t go back to gravel roads unless it’s a dead end. In mud season residents won’t get through as there is no base under these roads.

“If you say go gravel, all the hills will need to be reclaimed every year. That’s just dumping money,” Chretien said.

Richmond said the road committee met several times last year to strategize.

“The road crew can’t ditch because they’re out patching. They’re juggling. It took ten tons of patching in one week to fix holes. Every time it rains the holes get bigger.

“Old-timers put rocks in and paved over holes. Now we’re going to have to pick those rocks out,” Chretien said.

Selectman Benjamin Guild asked if it had been determined how much each taxpayer would have to pay for the road improvement plan.

Chretien said it would be about one mil or $160.

“That’s cheaper than the $1,200 to fix the front end of my Saab,” Guild said.

The road committee will meet at 5 p.m. on Jan. 31 at the Town Office complex.

In other business, the board approved renewing junkyard/automobile graveyard permits for Rodney Newman and Richard Damon.

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