Kendrick Leonard sits in Androscoggin County Superior Court on Wednesday awaiting sentencing on an assault charge.

AUBURN — A Lewiston man was sentenced to serve three years of a six-year prison sentence for beating a woman with stick, breaking her arm and giving here a severe concussion.

Kendrick Leonard, 31, of 113 Bartlett St. pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony charge of elevated aggravated assault, punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

On that charge, he was sentenced to six years in prison with three years suspended, plus three years on probation.

On charges of criminal mischief and violation of condition of release, each a misdemeanor, he was sentenced to 180 days apiece to be served at the same time as the three years for the felony.

Assistant District Attorney Lisa Bogue told the judge in Androscoggin County Superior Court that Leonard had attacked a woman on July 1 in downtown Lewiston.


Surveillance video showed Leonard arguing with the victim on Walnut Street.

The video also showed Leonard punching the victim in the face, causing her to fall.

Leonard is then shown throwing a rock at a vehicle in which the victim had been riding, breaking the taillight.

Leonard left, then returned with a pipe or large stick while she was standing next to the vehicle.

He later told police that the victim had tried to punch him, so he “beat her up to kill her,” Bogue said. He told police he had hit the victim with a stick and she had “gotten her ass whooped.”

The victim told police she had gone to downtown Lewiston seeking to buy drugs. She asked Leonard, who was standing on a street corner, where she might buy drugs. Leonard had gotten into her vehicle and drove around the corner. When he got out, he asked her for money. She asked to see the drugs first.


After Leonard was dropped off where he had been picked up, he threw a rock at the vehicle, Bogue said. He punched her in the face when she confronted him about throwing the rock.

Doctors at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston said the victim suffered a fractured arm and a severe concussion. She required several staples to her head to close a wound.

The victim told the court that Leonard had many opportunities to walk away from the scene, but chose to become more violent instead.

“He took it above and beyond,” she said.

Her injuries continue to plague her, she said.

“He broke me,” she said. She can no longer do things with her grandson that she could once do because of her head injury, she said.


“I definitely am sympathetic for (the victim,) and the serious injuries she suffered,” Leonard’s attorney, Jason Ranger, told the judge.

He called the situation “unfortunate” and said the injuries could have been avoided had “both parties taken a little bit different action that day.”

Leonard didn’t make a statement.

When he is released on probation, Leonard can have no contact with the victim and another witness. He will be barred from having alcohol, illegal drugs and dangerous weapons, for which he can be searched at random.

He must undergo substance abuse evaluation and treatment, and will owe the victim $1,301.01 for the injuries he caused.

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