AUBURN — A Livermore man was charged Tuesday with manslaughter and aggravated criminal drunken driving stemming from a May 24 crash in Turner that killed a 54-year-old Jay man.

An Androscoggin County grand jury indicted Christian J. Parlin, 24, on the two felonies.

The manslaughter charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, the aggravated criminal drunken driving charge a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Police wrote in an affidavit Parlin’s blood alcohol content was 0.166 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit.

Police had applied for a search warrant in June to have samples of Parlin’s blood drawn at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, where he was taken after the crash.

A crash reconstruction expert from the Maine State Police studied skid marks on the road at the scene, statements made by Parlin and data recovered from the computer in Parlin’s 2011 Jeep Liberty SUV.


Parlin was northbound on Route 4 when his SUV crossed the center line into the southbound lane. William Rodgers was southbound when he apparently saw Parlin headed for him and swerved his 2014 Dodge Caravan minivan to the left in an effort to avoid a crash. At the same time, Parlin swerved right to get back into his lane, according to an Androscoggin County Sheriff’s deputy.

According to the deputy, a 30-pack of beer was in the back seat of Parlin’s SUV, a bottle labeled “rum” was on the driver’s side floorboard and a flask was tucked in the driver’s side door panel.

“I could smell a very strong odor of intoxicating liquor coming from the vehicle,” the deputy wrote in his report.

When in the ambulance, Parlin told authorities he had come from Auburn and been en route to a friend’s place after having had one drink.

Five days later, Parlin told police that on the night of the accident, he had drank three beers while playing pool in Auburn. He said he then went to a restaurant and bar where he had appetizers and a drink, before leaving at midnight. He would return to the restaurant the same night, however, to retrieve his cell phone, which he had left in the parking lot.

Parlin told police he remembered little of his drive home to Livermore. The last things he recalled were seeing oncoming headlights in his lane and a honking horn. He said he swerved to the right, toward the breakdown lane, in an effort to avoid the oncoming vehicle.


He said his next recollection was waking up covered in blood and being in pain, according to a deputy. Parlin said he had not been drinking while driving. He also said the bottle of rum had been in the back seat, but must have been propelled into the front seat by the crash.

He said he did not remember using his cell phone while driving.

Parlin has been free on personal recognizance while awaiting trial. During his release, Parlin may not have alcohol, illegal drugs or marijuana, and is barred from operating a motor vehicle.

Christian Parlin (Androscoggin County Jail photo)

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