Buckfield Board of Selectmen
Feb. 5, 2019
Buckfield Municipal Center


No Thru Traffic

What happened: Selectmen held a public hearing on adding Sodom, River and South Hodgdon Hill roads to the town’s ordinance on thru truck traffic and accepted the changes to the document as amended.

What it means: Sodom Road resident Edward Allen brought the issue to Town Manager Joe Roach a month ago after a number of tractor trailers had GPS lead them down his road and weren’t able to back up. In addition to adding the three new roads for restriction, the name of document was changed to Regulating No Thru Traffic Ordinance and the language of posting the roads to the town’s webpage and Facebook page was changed to electronic media. Bear Pond, East Buckfield, North Hill and Paris Hill roads were restricted to through truck traffic in December 2008.

What’s next: Roach will conduct a windshield survey of these roads to see what signs are posted and where new signs should be erected, including warning signs before trucker drivers turn onto the posted roads.

Winter sand

What happened: Selectmen authorized Roach to purchase up to 500 yards of additional winter sand.

What it means: This would cost less than $5,000. If the town hauls the sand, it’s $7.75 a yard and if Lucas Enterprises, the Sumner business the town contracted with, brings it, it’s $9.75 a yard. Currently there is roughly 300 yards of sand at the Public Works Facility.

Tax liens

What happened: Selectmen put one foreclosed property out to bid and signed a quit claim deed for another.

What it means: The mobile home at 153 Hebron Road was put out to bid, as it has been vacant for a while. Town Clerk Cindy Dunn said all of the certified mail sent to the owner has been returned to the town. There are roughly between $400 and $500 owed in back taxes since the Homestead Exemption took care of most of them. The quitclaim deed was for a property on Paris Hill Road and sells the property back to the owner after all back and current taxes, fees and interest had been paid.

What’s next: Bids for the 1984 Skyline mobile home are due on Tuesday, March 5.

No resolution

What happened: Selectmen voted unanimously to take no action on a climate change resolution proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby for a carbon fee since the Maine Legislature will discuss the matter.

Bylaws tabled

What happened: Selectmen tabled taking any action on proposed bylaws for the Old Church on the Hill Committee and ad hoc Holiday Lighting Committee until they get further information from both committees.


What happened: Selectmen made a number of appointments to the town’s board and committees.

What it means: These included appointing former Planning Board alternate Vivan Wadas to a full member of the Planning Board for three years, Jessica McGreevy for the Recreation Committee for two years, Cody Andersen to the Ordinance Committee for two years, Cassie Violette to the Appeals Board for three years, Community Day, Education Exploration and Beautification, Parks & Conservation committees for one year each and Sandra Fickett to the Education Exploration Committee for one year.

What’s next: After Tuesday’s appointments, there are two seats on the Appeals Board, one seat on the Budget Committee, one seat on the Community Day Committee, four seats on the Ordinance Development, one alternate on the Planning Board, six seats on the Recreation Committee, one seat on the Road Committee and four seats on the Social Services Committee. Anyone interested in serving can pick up an application at the Municipal Center, 34 Turner St.

What happened: Selectmen approved the Buckfield High School Junior Class annual fundraiser.

What it means: The yard sale and car wash will be held on Saturday, May 4, in the Town Office parking lot.

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