To the Editor:

Folks, just yesterday I could not put this letter together, now I can.

Donald Trump has two very conflicting problems in his brain and I want to be the first to believe he has little control over them. The first problem, which is a very dangerous one, to the country and also the world is his complete lack of conscience imaginable. He has shown repeatedly how little it bothers him to separate kids from their parents and to show no consideration for the hope of the many.

The other problem of Trump’s is his very notable conceitedness. Yes that is a true problem when a man with no experience is smarter than his generals and is trying to run a country, then this country has a problem.

Now when you lock these two problems together, a severe lack of conscience and conceit and lock them tightly together in a skull, your going to have a squishy sound quite similar to what you might have in a butter churn. That is, if you pour a generous amount of sour cream and give the crank a generous workout until it is done. Now we will empty the butter churn. First we will separate the butter from its other contents, it being the most valuable product. We could listen to that with great pleasure for hours.

Now for the other part of cream, that would be Nancy Pelosi and the many women taking part in today’s political process. Ladies, I am proud of you. You are giving my 90-year-old frame new vigor. Nancy, if I should ever get my 90-year-old arms around you, I promise you will get the most beautiful hug of your lifetime, for the work you are doing.


Ardene Proctor

An Old Farmer from Weld



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