I read with interest the article concerning the traffic lights at the Oxford Casino (Sun Journal, Feb. 9) as I travel that area many times a week. Listed were some of the accidents, but not all. There was at least one and perhaps more. A friend was involved when his vehicle was struck by someone leaving the casino.

What I find sad is the lack of the enforcement of the speed limit. Leaving Welchville, headed south, the speed limit is 45 mph, dropping to 40 mph as vehicles approach the casino, increasing to 50 mph south of the casino and the Rabbit Valley Road intersection. Approaching northbound as vehicles cross the county line the speed limit is 50 mph, dropping to 40 mph. Beyond the casino, headed down into Welchville, the limit is 45 mph.

Drivers travel 50-60 mph or more both ways — commercial, municipal and John Q. Public.

I have seen only one officer who had a vehicle pulled over, and that was last fall. I have never seen any law enforcement personnel monitoring traffic/speeds.
There are three different agencies that could and should be doing it — the town of Oxford Police Department, Oxford County Police and the Maine State Police.

Where are they?

Fern Bosse, Norway

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