100 Years Ago: 1919
The Women’s Hospital Association will meet at the C.M.G. Hospital on Wednesday at 2.30 p.m.
50 Years Ago: 1969
Boxers are working out in the Lewiston PAL Gymnasium in the firehouse on Lincoln Street for the next amateur boxing card in Lewiston City Hall on March 19, two weeks from yesterday. Action starts at 8:30 and fighters are expected on hand, reports matchmaker Aime Morin for Topsham Air Force Station and many other outside communities. At least 12 matches are in view with several rematches from the previous cards. Anne Morin and Tom Elle are working with the contestants.
25 Years Ago: 1994
An overheated freezer compressor sparked the fire that devastated Maurice and Shirley Keene’s barn which housed 150 head of cattle Wednesday morning, said the officials Friday. The chest freezer on the first floor of the North River Road barn overheated sometime early Wednesday morning, igniting dust and hay shavings, said Auburn Deputy Fire Chief Preston Chapman, who investigated the fire. “It’s been known to happen before,” said Chapman. The flames eventually devoured the barn, which housed 150 calves and heifers, and the farmhouse, built sometime in the late 1800s and purchased by Keene from his father during the 1960s. The Keenes’ neighbor, Bud Villani from across the street first spotted the flames while letting his dogs in after work sometime before 2 a.m. Monday. He called 911. Keene, Villani and firefighters managed to save 130 head of cattle from the barn before it was lost to the blaze.
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