EUSTIS — A proposal to eliminate 22 streetlights on Route 27, Spaulding Drive, Old Dead River Road and Blanchard Avenue Extension generated vigorous discussion at town meeting Saturday.

Over the past three years, selectmen surveyed areas of population traffic volume and intersections. According to Selectman Steve St. Jean, eliminating the lights in low-use areas could save up to $3,000. Most voters Saturday were worried about safety, especially with the high snow banks and the poor visibility.

At the Saturday town meeting, Sen. Russell Black presented Eustis Fire Chief Sprague Wise with a sentiment from the Maine State Legislature, honoring the late Scott Spatcher. Before his death from cancer in 2018, Lt. Spatcher devoted more than 40 years to the department. Valerie Tucker photo

“It was never our intention to make anybody mad,” St. Jean said. “It was to save a couple of bucks.”

Voters decided against the proposal.

In other action, the group of about 40 voters approved a $1.15 million 2019 budget, a 5.7 percent spending increase.

Also, the transfer station budget increased by $30,000. St. Jean said $10,000 of that is because China will no longer take the country’s recyclable materials, increasing the costs to dispose of plastic and other materials. The remaining $20,000 will be spent on transfer station repairs and maintenance.

Voters approved $52,000 for a new Public Works line item that will streamline accounting for seasonal work such as mowing and plowing, and for maintenance and contracted work. Currently, that money is taken from individual summer and winter roads accounts, and municipal, fire department and park accounts. Voters also agreed to reduce the number of Planning Board members from seven to five.

Election results, all for three-year terms:

Selectmen: Jeffrey Lecander, incumbent Jedediah Whiting.
School board: Jeffrey Brickley, Casey Cote.
Planning Board: Lynn Schnorr.