FARMINGTON — The Fire and Ice Festival drew people of all ages outdoors Saturday, March 9, to enjoy a sunny day and the many activities available.

Toasting marshmallows was a fun activity at the Fire and Ice Festival in Farmington March 9. Seen from left are Whitney Richardson, Kristen Beane, Elliarra Bradley, Megan Knowles holding Reese Knowles and Emily Nadeau. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

With warmer temperatures and a bright blue sky, most chatted with friends or waited patiently in one of several long lines. Some were eager for rides in a dog sled around Prescott Field. Others were on Front Street looking forward to another chance to hurtle down the tube park or climb aboard for a ride in the wagon drawn by Kenric Charles’ draft horses.

Children and parents were seen trying to make their way through the hay maze located near the Franklin Savings Bank steps. Many children wore character hats, the only thing visible as they turned first one way and then another.

Avery Tinker of Wilton toasted a marshmallow for a S’more while her dad kept an eye out on the tube park to prevent collisions or remove debris from the trails. E.L. Vining and Son had created two courses this year for the event also sponsored by Franklin Savings Bank. A steep bank and a turn in the trails meant some riders climbed the divider separating the two trails and bounced into the other one.

After Gantley Beane finished one run he tugged on his mother, Amanda Beane’s arm to get in line again.

“It’s a heart attack waiting to happen,” She laughingly said on her way back up the steps.

Avery Tinker of Wilton toasts a marshmallow during the Fire and Ice Festival in Farmington March 9. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

Olivia Doyon sits on aunt Mariah Langton’s lap as they make their way down the snow tube park during the Fire and Ice Festival in Farmington Saturday, March 9. Langton, of Madison, is a UMF student. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

Auburn resident and University of Maine at Farmington Masters student Erica Gosselin was attending the festival for the first time. She said her daughter, Eden Gosselin, is right into animals and liked seeing the horses.

Another UMF student, Mariah Langton of Madison was at the festival with her niece Olivia Doyon and other family members. It was their first time visiting Langton in Farmington. Doyon had fun sliding on the tube park.

Roger and Jaxen Bolduc stopped for a minute between their runs down the park. Jaxen said they had gone down twice and were heading back to the top again.

“He’s having a ball,” Roger said.

At several locations along Front Street visitors could roast marshmallows over an open fire. Megan Knowles of Canaan said, “This is awesome. We were just saying we wished our town had something like this.”

Cassidy Bubier of Strong kneels beside the snow woman she created at the Fire and Ice Festival in Farmington Saturday, March 9. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

At Divine Inspirations, one little boy had fun climbing the snowbanks while family members shopped. Cassie Bubier of Strong piled snow, then added a pink scarf, glasses and a straw hat to create a snow woman.

Divine Inspirations owner Tammy Parsons said this year was the quietest her snowman-making activity has ever been.

“The road is a mess. The horses couldn’t come down this way this year. It’s not safe to walk,” Parsons said. “I have had the best customer day.”

Several other activities, many of them free, were also part of the Fire and Ice Festival.

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