FARMINGTON — The announcement that the annual town report was dedicated to S. Clyde Ross came as a complete surprise.

Farmington Town Manager Richard Davis at left reads information about S. Clyde Ross from the dedication of the town report while Ross stands nearby Friday morning, March 15. It was a total surprise to Ross. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

Town Manager Richard Davis said it had been a good week for him. He presented the Boston Post Cane to a lovely lady on Wednesday.

“Today I get to honor another pillar of our community. We dedicate the town report this year to you, Clyde Ross.

“You’re going to be more famous than ever, than you already are. It’s well deserved. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our town,” Davis said.

Ross said, “Thank you. My ears are ringing. I really appreciate this. It’s been a pleasure to serve with you and to serve you in all the activities I’ve done.

“It’s humbling to be recognized for whatever you’ve done. You do it not necessarily for any accolades you might get, you do it as part of the responsibility you have as a citizen.

“I hope I’ve lived up to it. I know you people do every single day with your time and efforts. This book may be dedicated to my name but it’s dedicated to you because you make it go.”

When Ross noted he was blindsided, town secretary Linda H. Grant said, “We were afraid you’d come into my office where the reports were, so we locked them in Dick’s office.”

The Farmington town report was dedicated this year to S. Clyde Ross. Pictured during the dedication ceremony are from left Ross, Selectmen Stephan Bunker, Matthew Smith and Chairman Joshua Bell and Town Manager Richard Davis. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

Ross is a lifelong resident of Farmington. He graduated from Farmington High School, then earned Bachelor and Master degrees in Education from the University of Maine Orono. He taught at Leavitt Institute, then Mt. Blue Middle School and later Mt. Blue High School. He retired in 1996.

Ross joined the Farmington Fire Department in 1971, becoming deputy chief in 1993. He has set up firefighting training programs throughout the town and county and teaches fire prevention. He has helped plan and participated in numerous emergency drills. He is on the board of directors of the Franklin County Firefighters Association and is a member of other firefighter/fire chief organizations.

Ross chairs the town’s budget committee and posts town meeting warrants. Actively involved in numerous county activities, he is a member of the Fairbanks Union Church and Maine Lodge #20 A.F and F.M.

Ross offers safety tips to the public on the local radio station, WKTJ. Since 1986 he has portrayed Chester Greenwood in the annual Chester Greenwood Day parade.

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