HEBRON — Veteran Selectmen Chairman Richard Deans was re-elected to his 12th consecutive, three-year term on the board at the March 16 Annual Town Election.

Political newcomer Curtis Smith out polled Fred Greenwood, a former Planning Board member, in a 24 to 22 vote to take the remaining one year of the three-year seat formerly occupied by long time Selectman Dan Eichorn, who recently announced he would not seek re-election.

No one stepped up to run for the three-year seat of veteran SAD 17 Director former school board member is Elizabeth Swift. Deans said the board will make an appointment at a future board meeting.

Voters returned Moody Library Trustee Sandra Bruno to a three-year term along with Budget Committeeman Bruce Conant. Fred Greenwood was elected to replace James Turner on the Budget Committee’s three-year seat.

Following the election of officers, voters took action on the remaining 52-articles that made up this year’s $938,422 municipal budget. Deans said he expects the tax impact will be made known to taxpayers in September.

Voters agreed with the Budget Committee’s recommendations deviating once by adding $2,000 to the Fire Department to allow the department to have the fire hoses professionally inspected. The Fire Department’s budget, which has remained static at $45,000 for years, was raised to $47,000 by town meeting voters.

In other action, voters increased the care and maintenance of winter roads budget to $150,000. Last year voters raised $140,000 but spent $172,735 out of the account.

Voters also agreed to raise and appropriate $66,000 from the General Fund for the purchase of a new highway truck.

Voters approved level funded budget requests in a number of areas including requests for $80,000 for the care and maintenance of summer roads and a $150,000 allocation of an available block grant for the paving account.

An increase was approved in the request to raise and appropriate $10,668 for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Last year voters raised $8,299 but the town had to spend $10,636 to cover costs.

The cost of employee health insurance was increased from $24,969 raised last year to $28,288 after a total of $27,542 had to be spent last year to cover costs.

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