LIVERMORE FALLS — Maine Municipal Association representatives inspected the transfer station Thursday and deemed the building used to store equipment, a loader and recyclables to be unsafe, according to Town Manager Stephen Gould.

MMA, which provides insurance to the town, found a back wall of the storage building had been pushed out and some of the walls are not on the  frost wall, he said.

The association pulled the structure insurance Thursday on the Diamond Road building, he said, so it would not be covered if it were to collapse.

Liability insurance is still in place, he said.

Employees will be allowed to take out equipment, such as a generator, the loader and a compressor, he said. Once those items are removed, no one will be allowed inside the building until it is fixed.

The building has open bays and some bays with doors. Used shingles are stored inside until they are picked up, as are televisions, computers and other recyclables.

An engineer is scheduled to be at the station at noon Friday to assess the structure and tell town officials what repairs must be made.

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