ANDOVER — Town Treasurer Amber Cooper has agreed to serve as the chairwoman of the Andover Olde Home Days committee.

The town already had plenty of groups willing to be involved in the 39th year of the celebration, which involves a parade, music, lawnmower tractor races and plenty of vendors, but they needed someone to organize the three-day event to take place on the first weekend in August.

Jane Rich will serve as the vice chairwoman for the committee. Rich started the celebration in 1980 and was the chairwoman until 1990 before others took over the task of organizing the event.

Cooper said Thursday night that she’d talked to many Andover residents about the town’s Olde Home Days celebration and that got her “really excited” about the event.

“It was all about traditions of Andover and it’s important to me,” she said. “Since I’ve been here I’ve felt a really deep connection and I want to make sure that Andover’s traditions are kept alive.” Cooper has lived in Andover for eight years.

At a committee meeting Thursday night, members listed more than a dozen theme ideas. The winner was “Where the Road Ends and the Fun Begins.”

Jane Rich, left, is the vice chairwoman for the 39th Andover Olde Home Days to be held Aug. 2-4; Andrea Savitz, center, is the president of the town’s charitable group the Service Circle; and at right is Amber Cooper, the chairwoman of this year’s Olde Home Days committee. Rumford Falls Times photo by Marianne Hutchinson

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