NORWAY—Want a low maintenance pet? Trees may have more bark than a dog, but they’re much quieter. The Town of Norway is seeking community members and business owners to adopt a tree.

Town Manager Dennis Lajoie said that the town is currently applying for Project Canopy, a grant funding program from the Maine Forest Service that will provide funding to plant 10-12 trees on Main Street. Part of securing that grant, Lajoie said, is proving that the town can maintain those trees for three years.

Lajoie said the town requested quotes from three local landscaping companies to do the work. That company will be required to maintain the trees for a year. After that, Lajoie said, maintaining the trees is the town’s job. Adopters will be responsible for their vegetation for two years.

  • Contractor to purchase and install 10 to 12 trees on Main Street.
  • Contractor to recommend the types of trees that can thrive in a downtown urban environment.
  • Contractor to recommend the size and shape of the installed trees at max height and spread.
  • One side of Main Street has Power Lines (Max height).
  • Both sides of Main Street have pedestrian traffic and on street parking that should be taken into
    consideration (Spread).
  • Contractor to also recommend trees that have a root system that does not interfere with the existing
    sidewalk and underground water/sewer and storm drains.
  • Contractor to install trees in existing sidewalk tree openings and prepare the soil for proper tree growth.
  • Contractor to maintain the trees for the first year.
  • Contractor to warranty the trees for one year and replace as needed.

The town will provide training for arborists interested in fostering a trunk, but Lajoie said the work won’t be too labor intensive.

“The biggest part is probably that trees need to watered, and a little bit of pruning. Trees don’t grow that fast, and you’re not talking about gigantic maintenance on a tree,” said Lajoie.

If funded, the trees will be planted by June 30, 2019.

Anyone willing to sponsor a tree can send the town a letter. Lajoie has put together a sample letter for those interested.

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