During the 27 months Trump has been in office, we have become a crueler, less caring and less safe nation. He had implemented and then withdrawn a policy of separating children from their families. He is considering re-instituting this policy with slight changes. He has spent over $600 million sending the military to the southern border and making it look like a prison with all the razor wire. This money should have been spent on judges, expanding detention centers and better technology for border protection.

Our national security and economic growth after World War II derived from our alliances and trade with the rest of the world. Trump has managed to insult most of our allies, befriend the dictators of the world, and make enemies of our major trading partners. He is allowing Russia and China to step into the void he left, removing us as the world leader.

He makes outrageous statements denouncing Muslims, South Americans and others as all being evil. He doesn’t use the same venom to denounce white supremacists and other hate groups.

He has taken away the dignity and respect of the office of president. He blatantly tells lies. He has no capacity to make reasonable, thoughtful decisions. When faced with someone who disagrees with him, he cannot provide a reasonable response but chooses to insult and demean them.

He shows no leadership skills and fires anyone who does not bow to his wishes. No one in his administration is allowed to voice a contrary opinion.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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