Sun Journal photo by Russ Dillingham

View plastic bags as recycling poison! Never put plastic bags or plastic wrap with recycled materials, and never put bottles and cans to be recycled in plastic garbage bags. Plastic bags contaminate materials such as cardboard, bottles and milk jugs that can be recycled. Pickup crews can’t pull out plastic bags. Too often, recyclable materials end up in a landfill or incinerator.

Educate yourself on your town’s or city’s recycling program by contacting someone at the town or city hall, and/or looking at the municipality’s web page. Learn what’s OK to put in the recycling container and what’s not. Buyers of recycled materials want dry, clean material.

Recognize that what you recycle isn’t trash but a product to make more products. Materials need to be clean and protected from the wind, snow and rain. Milk jugs, bottles and cans should be rinsed and free of food.



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