To the Editor:

Throughout its history this nation has encountered and survived a civil war, two world wars, the nine eleven attack and multiple global military skirmishes. Unfortunately our nation at this time is in the presence of the most potentially lethal challenge to the concept of democracy in its entire history, The Presidency of Donald Trump.

The facts revealed by the recent release of the Mueller report as to the multitude of devious, illicit, Democracy compromising endeavors, devised and orchestrated by the present illegitimate occupant of the White House, should be regarded by any normal standard as being close to treasonous.

Trump’s vile defamation of any one or entity that opposes or questions his authority, and his absolute requirement that his cabinet appointees, regardless of their qualifications for the position, all pledge unquestionable blind allegiance to his personal cause, should be regarded as an attempt to become the unchallenged dictatorial monarch of America.

If not recognized and dealt with accordingly in the realm of public opinion, Democracy as the founding fathers intended, will be impugned beyond redemption, by the simple minded, sub-juvenile, profanity-laced rhetoric of the unfit orator that now occupies the White House.

Don Chase

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