To the Editor:

On Sept. 30, 2018, at a political rally in Wheeling West Virginia, on national TV for all to behold, Donald Trump made the definitive proclamation that he is indeed in love with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

For Donald Trump as the residing president of the United States to express that sort of personal affection for a brutally oppressive self-appointed dictator, would suggest some sort of a mentally deranged desire and attempt to achieve that coveted status for himself.

Consequently, Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia have cunningly and cordially stoked Trump’s most dominant personal characteristic: a bloated, overbearing, self-righteous ego.

They are now obviously the beneficiaries of the good will and affection of a dignitary of this nation that seems to be subject to at least a minor degree of cerebral paralysis.

These adversarial entities are now likely to be able to play Trump like a tune on a Stradivarius fiddle, to the detriment of an otherwise global, civilized society.

America, beware!

Don Chase

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