LIVERMORE FALLS — An auditor has recommended Livermore Falls Sewer trustees increase rates 30 percent this year and 20 percent next year, followed by additional increases in subsequent years.

Auditor Ronald Smith of RHR Smith & Co. of Buxton is recommending Livermore Falls Sewer trustees increase sewer rates significantly in each of the next few years.

“You need to get the department to be sustainable,” Ronald Smith of RHR Smith & Co. of Buxton told sewer trustees Monday night.

Smith also advised trustees establish reserve accounts equipment and infrastructure.

The current sewer rate is $65 per quarter plus .0616 cents per cubic foot of water used, based on meter readings provided by the Water District.

The current rate is not enough to sustain the department, Smith said.

The town owns the treatment plant, whose operation and maintenance are shared by Livermore Falls and Jay based on sewage treated at the plant. Sewer users in Livermore Falls pay for the Sewer Department and the town’s share of the plant.


The Sewer Department is separate from the plant.

Only a certain part of the town has public sewer.

Jeff Roy, a resident and member of the Budget Committee, said if the sewer rate were to go too high, some residents and businesses would most likely move to other communties.

Roy’s idea of having taxpayers help pay for the sewer system and plant was also discussed.

Smith said the idea is gaining attention in some towns.

Trustee Chairperson Heather Bronish, whose house is on public sewer, said she was not going to pay twice for sewer. She said she already pays a sewer user fee and she does not want to pay for it again through taxation.


Bronish asked Smith for more palatable options.

Town Manager Stephen Gould said the town has no choice but to raise rates to be able to continue to function.

Smith also recommended policies be put in place for oversight of reserve accounts and other matters.

He also discussed borrowing money to help with upfront costs.



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