COUNTY — Bill Grover has finally reached his goal.

It took a number of years of working two or three jobs but by the end of May, he and his wife Stephanie, their daughter and two dogs will be heading to the Sunshine State.

Staff Sgt. William W. Grover, Jr., 59, of Norway has been working toward this goal for a long time, he says. He has been a corrections officer at the Oxford County Jail for 23 years.

Staff Sgt. William W. Grover, Jr.

“I always dreamed of law enforcement once I left the military.” His 19 years of military service in the U.S. Navy as a cryptologic technician laid a foundation for law enforcement. He did code analysis, interception of communications and other national intelligence-gathering.

Grover grew up in Paris and graduated from Oxford Hills High School. After the Navy he went to work for the Oxford County Sheriff as a corrections officer and has worked under three sheriffs – Lloyd “Skip” Herrick, Wayne Gallant and, currently, Christopher Wainwright – and three jail administrators – Ernie Martin, Ed Quinn, and, currently, Dana Dillingham.

He has enjoyed his time at the jail, he says. “I like it when somebody leaves jails and actually says ‘thank you.'”

During his tenure as a corrections officer he has also worked for Norway and Oxford Police Departments.

He looks back on those years and shakes his head. “My wife … she had to put up with all the time I worked … numerous departments, numerous hours. But we were working toward a goal,” he adds, “and now it’s come true.”

He says his wife can’t wait to move as her family lives in Florida. “My daughter can’t wait to move and start college!”  His daughter, he says, graduates from Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School this year and has been accepted at Gulf Coast University. He notes her college is about an hour from where they will live which is far enough away for her and close enough for him. Grover also has a son in the Air Force, he says.

But what will he do with all his time?

“Golfing, fishing and boating,” he promptly answers. “I’ll do something part-time [work] to pass the time but no more career.”

“I have served my country, county and town … now it’s my turn … .”


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