To the Editor:

With profoundly disingenuous braggadocio, Donald Trump recently referred to the factual revelations exposed by the recent Mueller investigations as being a failed attempted coup of his presidency.

Trump’s illicit efforts to consolidate his absolute control over all the tempering entities in this nation’s governing structure should be regarded as an impending catastrophe of an unprecedented magnitude and consequence.

Trump’s devious endeavors could result in his own coup of this nation’s most cherished characteristics being a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” If allowed to succeed and prevail, he would indeed establish an irrevocable “government of Trump, by Trump, and for Trump.”

The only avenue of salvation left for the realm of democracy is for an irate collective electorate of this nation to resolve to drain the prevailing swamp, both in the White House and in any other infested element of today’s governing structure, by virtue of the upcoming 2020 electoral process.

Don Chase

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