Eight new wind turbines on Canton Mountain have increased Canton’s town value by about $40 million, providing an opportunity to balance investment in our community with revenue over time. Canton’s school tax and county tax are determined by the state’s valuation of property in town.

Typically, the state “doesn’t see” the value of the wind project for two years. And the school district doesn’t “catch up” for another year beyond that. Then the state will see us as a “rich kid” and there will be a reduction in our municipal revenue sharing, an increase in our county tax and, in one more year, a significant increase in our share of the school budget because of this higher town value.

Residents will be paying more because our town is worth more.

Now is the time for informed voters to make good decisions that will affect Canton for years to come. We need leaders with a sound understanding of municipal finance and experience in moving the town forward.

I urge the good citizens of Canton to get out and vote at the polls on June 11 and town meeting on June 13. A large voter turnout provides the best measure of what voters believe is necessary to run the town. Whatever the outcome at the polls, let it be the result of the informed opinion of the town’s people.

Scotty Kilbreth, Canton

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