Abortions and vaccines — I would never have thought that the two issues would be written about in the same article. It got me to thinking.

For years the pro-choice crowds and most Democrats have been saying that a woman’s body is her temple; only she gets to decide what happens to her body and what goes in it or stays in it. Nobody else has a right to tell her what to do with her body.

Now the vaccine issue comes up and the state is saying that a person’s body is not a temple and people don’t have a right to their personal freedoms and beliefs.

I am not advocating for vaccines or against, but I am advocating for a person’s or family’s right to choose whether to have their children vaccinated or not.

This nation and this state are going down a dark road once people start letting the state or federal government take away the people’s God-given right to choose.

Just to clear things up on the abortion issue, I am pro-life 100%, but it is a woman’s right to choose and she will have to live with the consequences.

Donald Dubuc, Minot