Watercolor piece called “Sea Fun” by Janet Lawrence.

FREEPORT — Freeport Community Library will feature Janet Lawrence’s meditative watercolors and Bethany Dunfee’s fine art mixed media during May.

“Gathering,” watercolor by Janet Lawrence.


Throughout her life, Lawrence has always loved the arts. As a child, she drew the cartoons she watched on TV. She constantly sketched people or things around her. After graduating high school, she pursued an art degree at Daytona Beach Community College, then transferred to the University of North Florida where she received a bachelor of fine arts degree. Moving to Maine has inspired her to paint even more.

Lawrence constantly finds herself drawn to Maine’s beautiful landscapes with intentions of capturing the moment in paint. Watercolor is her favorite medium because it is both challenging and versatile. The process of mixing and consistency can be planned or spontaneous, lending an element of surprise to the piece when dry. She also loves painting with watercolor because she can use pen and ink, gouache or other mediums to achieve her visions.

Her favorite subject is nature: its colors, tranquility and the inspiration of discovering new places. She is also quite fond of painting wildlife. Her endless motivation and inspiration is attributed to her supportive husband, family and friends.

Lawrence is a Freeport Art Guild member and volunteers for the Freeport Players, painting backdrops and props for their shows.

“Cliff Dweller” by Bethany Dunfee.

Trained as a public school visual arts teacher years ago, Maine native Dunfee needed to be versed in a variety of media to gain the required certifications to teach. Through her experience of teaching all ages in Maine’s public schools for more than 20 years, as well as her more recent study earning a master of science degree in creativity and creative change leadership, Dunfee found value in working in different two-dimensional media to explore ideas, meaning and the visual world.

Her most recent work involves combining words and imagery, perhaps akin to the contemporary memes people engage with on social media. The exhibit includes her older and newer paintings in oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on paper, collage, pastel, etching, photography and drawing.

Art exhibits are diffused in the adult reading room stacks and open to the public. For directions to the library or to view its business hours, call 207-865-3307 or visit www.freeportlibrary.com.

“Pals,” a watercolor done by Janet Lawrence.

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