DEAR SUN SPOTS: What can you tell us about the magnificent home that sits on the corner of Highland Avenue and Hillcrest Street in Auburn? That house must certainly have some interesting history behind it.

— David, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My curiosity has driven me to write to Sun Spots. On my commute to and from work at Hudson Bus Lines, I’ve noticed the remnants of some sort of flagpole set-up just north of the Enterprise Foundry on South Avenue. It has a 15- to 20-foot granite or concrete circle surrounding it. It looks like it may once have been some official memorial that has been neglected for years. I was wondering if, with your vast resources, you might be able to find out exactly who or what it was commemorating and/or honoring, and just who might have put it there in the first place. There may be an interesting story behind it, or not.

— Don, no town

ANSWER: I have written to the Androscoggin Historical Society regarding these two questions and talked with someone at the city of Lewiston regarding the second question. I know I will get a response from someone at those two places eventually, but meanwhile I thought it best to reach out to all my wonderful readers in Sun Spots Land to see if we could learn more about this home and this neglected memorial. I’m sure both have many stories to be shared through our readers, especially those who have been around a while. If you know anything about the property on the corner of Highland and Hillcrest in Auburn or the granite/concrete edifice in Lewiston, please write in!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have what it takes to be the next greatest Moxie Recipe Master? We want to see what wicked good Moxie treats you can whip up. Join us for the famous Moxie Festival Recipe Contest to take place on the evening of Friday, July 12. There will be more information as to time, location and rules in Sun Spots, posted on the Moxie Festival Facebook page and at For now, be thinking about moxiefying your recipes!

— Julie-Ann, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: I love the recipe contest so much! For me, it’s a highlight of the festival. Moxie makes everything better so don’t be shy about using it in all your favorite dishes then enter the contest. It could be your claim to fame in 2019!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was made aware that a veteran’s gravesite at Mt. Hope cemetery needs a marker. How does one go about getting that? I want the deceased to have a flag placed there.

— No name, Auburn

ANSWER: Go to the website, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs at There you will find specific guidelines to apply for the marker or medallion for the gravesite. There are forms to be filled out that you then fax back. For questions, call 1-844-698-2311.

Once you have the marker or medallion, it will be placed by cemetery staff/volunteers.

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