To the Editor:

I have recently read about a plastic bag ordinance proposed for Bethel. The intent, as I read it, is to help with roadside litter and recycling. Having recently participated in a community-wide clean up of our roadsides, I have to say that plastic bags are the least of our concerns.

I helped clean up Merrifield Hill in Woodstock, and while we found some plastic bags, only one was a plastic shopping bag. What we found in much greater amounts were beer and soda cans and bottles, nip bottles and coffee cups. These are much more of an issue than the single grocery bag we found.

If plastic bags are done away with, how will my bread stay fresh when I buy it at the IGA? What about chips? I can see that plastic bags are an issue in third world countries, where they are used to banana leaf wrapping that they toss on the ground. Plastic doesn’t work quite the same. Any symbolic banning of plastic does not address local problems. Anyone who walks dogs and cleans up after them, would you be happy using a brown paper lunch bag to clean up after your dog? Plastic bags have a real use in this area.

Robert McQueeney
Bryant Pond

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