This year marked the 30th year anniversary of the RLRS 8th grade class trip to Quebec City. Started by Sherry Connally in 1989, this trip was dreamt up as a way for students to not only experience a different culture, but to also trace the steps of Continental Army Colonel Benedict Arnold and his march to Quebec in the early days of the American Revolution. Arnold led troops from September to December of 1775 from Massachusetts all the way through this part of Maine to Quebec in an attempt to capture the city from the British control.

For thirty years, RLRS students have had the opportunity to learn about this piece of history while they trace Arnold’s footsteps from RLRS to this majestic city on the St. Lawrence River. While in Quebec, students learned about the history of the city and major battles on the Plains of Abraham, they visited an active military base, the Citadelle, and marveled at the art of Sainte Anne du Beaupre’s basilica and the Old City. Students were also immersed in a culture that is very different from their own, right down to the language, architecture, and food.

Best of all, students were able to bond and celebrate one another as they begin their next chapter: high school! Bonne chance, 8th grade. We will miss you!

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