RANGELEY — Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust has offered a few tips on how to be a good neighbor on the water and to protect the natural resource of the lakes.

The trust reminds people to plan how to handle bathroom breaks on the lake for themselves and their animals. Public facilities on Rangeley Lake are at the Town Park and at Rangeley State Park. Other land is owned privately, and it is against the law to trespass. The authorities will be called. Check for public facilities on other water bodies.

Minimize food packaging and debris before getting on the boat. Garbage should be packed off the lake. Apples, watermelons and other food products attract domestic and wild animals.

The trust reminds boaters not to “raft up” within close proximity of private camps. Sound carries extremely well on a lake.  Be mindful of the camps and others around. Music and voice carry across the water and every word can be heard.

Decrease impact on the lake and watch wildlife from a respectful distance. Stressing loons and other waterfowl may affect their ability to rear young.

Motorized boats must be at headway speed within 200 feet of shore and should keep the wake low so children and wildlife may also enjoy the use of the lake.


The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust maintains traditional public access and uses of its land for recreation, education and scientific study. To learn more, visit rlht.org.

Enjoying a sunny day on Rangeley Lake.




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