We want to tell each and every one, with all our hearts that we are very grateful for the phenomenal support, you gave our family during this occurrence in our lives.  We cannot find the words to express our appreciation and sincere Thanks.

Major illnesses that changes your life instantly are something that happens to the next person, Mama just happened to be that “next person”, the most important person in our lives.

Living in a community where people are concerned, willing and supportive is a great gift.

To each and everyone who prayed, provided your well wishes, sent cards, beautiful flowers, took the time to visit with smiles, hugs, love and hopefulness, we Thank You so, so big.

Mama was elated and embraced your love and was encouraged with each hugs, friendship, incredible kindness and is moving towards recovering successfully.

Our deepest thanks….

Joanne Blais, Uncle Paul Andre Grenon and Gigi

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