LEWISTON — Glory Watson turned to her coaches when Caree Hill became more than a nuisance in a 125-pound amateur title bout during the New England Fights 39: All-American event at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee on Saturday.

Undefeated Watson (5-0) applied her coach’s advice and eventually staved off Hill’s endless attacks to win the belt in a split decision.

Nate White beats down on Justin Kangus at during their fight at the New England Fights MMA event at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston on Saturday night. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

“She was stronger than I expected,” Watson said. “Definitely one of the stronger opponents I have faced, physically anyway. I wasn’t doing what my original plan was. I wasn’t wasn’t really in it 100 percent mentally. Kind of got more warmed at the end of it.

“Coach, it’s always coach. Every single time he walks into the corner and tells you something. He can tell you a million things and one will stick.”

Watson and Hill went the distance in a five-round title match.

The pair stayed in close contact, with both of them trading punches in kicks in the first round. Hill wouldn’t let up, but Watson battered Hill with several punches in the second round, causing a cut in her right eye.


Watson and Hill were tied up against the fence and spent a few moments kneeing and kicking each other. But Watson came on strong in the fifth round to win the title.

In a 165-pound title bout, Dylan Lockard dispatched Jesse Erickson with a TKO. The other pro bout featured Dominic Jones doing away with Keegan Hornstra with a submission move in a 160-pound match.

Rumford native Nathan White’s high school wrestling skills made all the difference in his match.

White tangled with Justin Kangas in the first round before the pair headed to floor for a long siege. White dominated and stayed on top of Kangas, unleashing several well-placed punches in a 155-pound donnybrook.

White eventually finished off Kangas in the second round with a TKO for his second career victory.

White chalked up his victory to great coaching.


“They gave me a good plan when I came in,” White said. “It is all about what your coaches bring to you.

“Wrestling helps a lot. I struck when I needed to open up my wrestling. Once I use my wrestling, it is hard to match up. I want to thank my corners and sponsors. I couldn’t do it without them.”

After White’s hard-fought victory, and in the quickest fight of the night, Jason Landry tagged Dan Seigars with a knockout punch seven seconds into the 170-pound bout.

Megan Rosado earned a victory in a 135-pound matchup, beating Sarai Knapp with a TKO. Jimmy Jackson’s rear-choke hold allowed him to subdue Brandon Sewall in a 155-pound match.

In another quick fight, Jordan Crum beat Joe Howard with a TKO in eight seconds into their 155-pound matchup.

Mike Murray moved on Dylan Williams as soon as the bell rang in their 170-pound matchup. The pair landed on the floor and Murray earned a first-round victory using a rear-naked choke.


Jon Assam struck with several key kicks to Justin Philbrook’s legs and stomach in a 175-pound fight. The fighters got locked up on the floor before they parted in the second round. Philbrook got his second wind and hammered away with strong punches, but Assam prevailed with a split-decision win.

Brandon Russell and David Hart immediately got locked up on the floor in the 175-pound showdown, but Hart delivered a few quick blows before putting Russell in a guillotine choke hold to earn the victory.

Greg Ishihara wasted no time in dispatching Henry Jeffs in a 185-pound matchup. Ishihara came out swinging and unleashed a flurry of punches before tossing Jeffs to the floor. Ishihara kept swinging while Jeffs was on the floor before the TKO victory went to Ishihara in a one-round bout.

The first fight of the night, a 145-pound bout, Brandon Maillet-Fevens went right at Cody Kilton and pinned Kilton for most of the round before forcing him to tap out after being kicked in the head.

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