Our family has been coming to Rangeley/Oquossoc since the early 1970’s. Simply put, we love it here and have made countless wonderful memories on and around the lake.

Last summer, my sons, along with their ‘best girls’ and I, did a gastronomically awesome lobster roll crawl in Oquossoc and Rangeley. Over 2 days in August, we consumed every roll offered! As you might imagine, there was much discussion as to attributes of each and a difficult choice for sure but in the end, we agreed 2 were standouts in a field of excellence: one at a certain festival that might have edged out first place had the bun been butter-toasted, and the other: at that little place on Main Street (wink, can you guess?)
We had so much fun we decided to do it again in a more rigorous way! Look for us in our ‘2nd Annual’ T-shirts the week of August 12th, score cards in hand, where we will judge on freshness, value (lobster to bun ratio) and of course overall taste! Local purveyors, are you up for the challenge?

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