To the Editor:
The Donald Trump Presidency should be regarded as an impending catastrophic threat to the realm of global civilized democracy.                               
Trump’s infatuation with and expressed adore for murderous authoritarian leaders such as Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Vladimir Putin of Russia and Mohammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia should be regarded with the utmost relevance and drastic concern.
At every opportunity Trump avails himself of occasions to appear on global television for photo ops in the presence of these brutally oppressive dictators evidently hoping that their dominating lethal authority might somehow be contagious, rub off on him and become relevant in America.
The image revealed by Trump’s appearance with these tyrannical entities is that of a pathetically, insecure but self inflated, powder puff of a leader that is striving to attain the same degree dictatorial influence over this nation that all of his glorified and adored murderous friends have over theirs.
As I see it, consideration of these revelations should become vitally pertinent in the upcoming 2020 election cycle.
I welcome input from anyone who might deem otherwise.
Don Chase

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