North Livermore Baptist Church

The morning began with a video of the GiddyUp-Go VBS attendees singing their favorite songs from the week.  Then the collection of 139 items of snacks they collected for the food bank were dedicated. 

Debra Hebert blessed us with a tribute to the North Livermore Men’s Quartet, as well as a testimony of how much they had influenced her life.   Congressional hymns today were: “Standing on the Promises;” “Like a River Glorious;” and “God will take care of You.”

Luke 12:22-34 was the scripture with Pastor Bonnies message titled, “Are You Anxious?”  Do you wake up in the morning worrying about things? We must learn to trust in the Lord, to bring our problems to Him and have faith that He will take care of them. Glorify and praise the Lord every day, be thankful for what you have, and know that He is with you threw your troubles, and delights. Believe, follow His commands, be a good example of a Christian.  The Lord has prepared a place for all of us in heaven, and when we arrive, we will know how many people we influenced during our short time in this world.  

EVENTS: Pastor Bonnie Higgins office hours are Monday and Tuesday from 9-12 AM; Monday Bible Study at 6PM; Tuesday Bible Study at 1PM; Sunday July 21st Worship at 9:30AM with Sharon Workman.  The Food bank donation for July is crackers of any kind.


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