Workers prepare an old jet for demolition July 12 in a field off the end of the runway at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport. After having all of the usable parts removed, Elite Airways plans to crush the plane and haul it away later this summer. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

This week in the Buzz, one restaurant is closed temporarily after a car drove into the ladies’ bathroom, a delivery service is delivering no more but expect new things, and what is up with that broken plane in the corner of the airport?

So glad you asked.

First up, a car drove into C&J Buddha Asian Bistro on Sabattus Street in Lewiston, smashing through the wall of the ladies’ bathroom about a month ago, according to manager Mishelle Zhang.

It was rainy, about 7 at night.

“She said that she was wearing sandals and then the sandal slipped, so instead of pressing on the brake, she hit the gas, so she hit right through,” Zhang said. “I thought it was like thunder.”

No one was in the bathroom and no one was hurt. For the last few weeks, as they have waited for a construction crew to arrive, female customers have just used the men’s room, too, she said.


Repairs finally started last week, and the city health inspector said Friday they’d need to close during renovation to avoid the possibility of contaminants due to outside exposure, according to Zhang.

“They took the whole wall down, and they took the whole bathroom — the toilet, the sink, everything,” she said. “They had to rip off the wall and then they had to rip off the tile so it’s starting from the beginning.”

She is hoping it is a two-week job and closure, and plans to keep customers posted on Facebook.

Three years and thousands of miles . . .

Jessica Fortin announced last week that she’s moving Great Falls Delivery Cafe in Lewiston away from delivered daily meals to catering. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

Great Falls Delivery Cafe in Lewiston announced it is moving away from daily meal delivery to catering.

Owner Jessica Fortin said she took off this week and is kicking off the new format with a catered luncheon next week.


“We’ve always done catering, it just hasn’t been our main focus,” she said. “As much as I loved doing the lunches, it was such a blessing to be able to cook for everyone and make everyone healthy meals, I am only one lady, so it was a lot of work. After three years, I’m getting tired.”

She hopes to serve the local community and will have the new catering menu out next week.

“We’re still at the same location, we’re still putting out great food, it’s just we’re shifting our focus a little bit,” Fortin said.

One customer wrote on her Facebook page Sunday, “I never had a lunch I didn’t love!”

Crushing news

Driven by the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport in the last few weeks and been curious about the defunct plane in the corner?

Airport Director Rick Lanman said the plane is “operationally used up” and has been striped of parts that still have life left. One other plane is due to join it and then, later this summer, Elite Airways will have both crushed and hauled away, similar to a car-crushing operation.

“The recycled parts then become a revenue stream,” he said.

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Workers prepare an old jet for demolition in a field off the end of the runway at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport on Friday, July 12, 2109. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

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