Rumford interim Town Manager Scott Cole. Bruce Farrin/Rumford Falls Times

RUMFORD — Selectmen have agreed to begin accepting applications for town manager, a position that has been open since December.

They also voted to appoint Selectman Frank DiConzo the point person because he has been involved in town manager searches in the past.

Applications must be received by Nov. 1.

Selectmen on Thursday also voted 5-0 to extend interim Town Manager Scott Cole’s contract until a town manager is hired or Dec. 31, whichever comes first.

Cole was initially hired to serve from Jan. 14 to June 12. Terms include pay of $1,462 per week.

Cole said Friday he has been invited to apply for the town manager position, but has not decided if he will do so.

“There are certain things in place that create inefficiencies,” namely language in the town charter and ordinances, he said.

“There are longstanding practices that have resulted from those things that are far from ideal, in terms of proper management, from my perspective on organization. That framework, rubbed up with my approach, creates friction.

“I’m OK with a lot of friction, if we can get to a place where future actions are done a little quicker, with a little more accountability and a little more efficiency with resources. I’m not demanding change, but I don’t want to be attacked for saying things and recommending things that make perfect sense to me.

” I don’t mind when people say no, but when you get attacked and vilified for that, that’s not worth my aggravation. That’s not worth anyone’s aggravation. That’s how I feel.”

Cole added: “It’s a very positive environment right now. It’s a privilege to be here, an honor to be here.”

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