Greenbush is in the midst of a townwide crackdown on junkyards and other properties with excessive debris.

According to Town Manager Jerry Davis, selectmen received numerous complaints about some properties, some of which met the definition of unlicensed junkyards – a violation of town ordinances.

That led Davis to recently issue letters to  seven property owners; three quickly developed plans of action, and others are expected to follow suit. There are other properties that will be cited as well, said Davis.

“There are a few more pending. We have about 13 problem properties right now.”

Property owners who have three or more unregistered or uninspected motor vehicles and other discarded, or worn out junk items could be ordered to clean up; those who do not do at least submit a plan of action within 15 days of being notified face potential legal action, and fines could be assessed in court for anywhere between $100 and $2,500 a day. Davis encourages people to clean up their properties willingly.

“We have a landfill that all residents can use for a minimal sticker fee, our curbside trash service takes one tire a week. There are ways that people can get things cleaned up,’ said Davis. “What they can’t do is just ignore the mess.”

Those with questions should call Davis at 826-2050.

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