To the Editor:
The Molly Ockett Day Book Sale is an annual fundraiser for the Bethel Library. It helps raise funds for the library and supports literacy in our Community. There were many folks who donated books for this sale. This year’s donation of books surpassed other years in the amount and diversity of books donated to the Library. Thank you to everyone who thought of passing along books to help benefit the library. Many volunteers worked together to make this book sale happen. The following are folks who helped with sorting, set up, sale of books and break down of books. Donna Funteral, Nano Zachary, Rose Lincoln and daughter Kaylee, Jane Moosebruker, Nancy White, Eileen Broderick, Michelle Conroy, Gina Douglass, Priscella Walker, Bill and Mary Smith. Telstar students Jack Mallory, Matt Rice and Drayden Mason moved many boxes on Friday morning. Library Trustees who helped out were Martha Siegel, Tom Davis, Paula Weisberger, Scott Smith, Amy Chapman, Marvin Ouwinga, Lucy Abbot, Dean Walker, Susan Parker, Nancy Brown and Tammy MacDormand.
Thank you to the Bethel Foodliner who supplied many boxes to hold books. Gould Academy loaned tables to use for the book sale. Thank you to Gould Academy employees Jerry Bernier and crew for getting tables to the Library. Much appreciated. The Bethel Historical Society is a good neighbor to our local Town Library. They graciously let us use temporary storage space to house our massive collection of books. It played a big part in preparing for sale day. Thank you to the B.H.S. for their hospitality.
This annual fundraiser could not happen without the many people who worked together in various roles. It is amazing what can happen when folks can join forces in a collaborative nature. Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2019 Molly Ocket Day Book Sale a success for the Bethel Library.

Linda Howe

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