This area experienced daytime temperatures that were quite near normal, but the nighttime and early morning readings were cooler than normal. There was a range of 40 degrees from the low of 49, to the high of 89 degrees on July 21. More hot days are in the forecast for the approaching week.

It continues to be a relatively dry month, with only 0.05 of an inch of water for the week, recorded on July 23. More showers are in the forecast for at least three days of the upcoming seven. As of this writing only 1.89 inches of water have been recorded for the first 28 days of July.

The garden areas reveal signs of needed moisture. We have watered most of the flower areas and one vegetable garden area. Plants respond better to a naturally occurring rain than from the hose. The geraniums that wintered well are showing lots of bloom, at least three having those beautiful dark red blossoms.

New bloom observed recently include: purslane, Canada thistle, squash, broccoli, lettuce and tiger lily.

Earlier in the season I was pleased that few if any Japanese beetles were on the premises. They appeared in great numbers early in the week, feeding on the asparagus foliage. Placing two traps, one in the asparagus and the other in the roses, soon collected nearly a bag full on two occasions. Apparently, birds don’t feed readily on them.

It is quite noticeable this year that the number of bumble bees, butterflies and fire flies are quite few in number. This has been confirmed by others. When I was younger there were far more crickets and grass hoppers present by this date. I have heard isolated cricket chirps on three occasions this year.


Dutch elm disease continues to kill isolated elms, at least two on my property and one on my neighbor’s lawn area. Perhaps a few will survive and spread their seeds and maintain the species.. I hope what I have disclosed is that I don’t harbor only negative thoughts but to reveal observations of what is going on in the natural world.

This farm was the scene of the annual open air church service of the First Baptist Church on July 28. The weather cooperated nicely for the well attended service and the varied lunch that followed. A cake was served to honor the older ones that had birthdays recently.

This period of time last year had cooler daytime readings but warmer nighttime and early morning readings. There was a range of 35 degrees, from the low of 48 on the 21st and 22nd, to the high of 83 degrees on July 27. Rain on July 22 and 23 deposited 0.56 of an inch of water. Rain again on July 26 and 27 deposited 2.11 inches last year.


Day     High    Low     Rainfall

Sun.     89        69        0


Mon.    78        60        T

Tues.    73        58        0.05

Wed.   80        58        0

Thurs.  80        49        0

Fri.       86        52        0

Sat.      86        56        0

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