100 years ago: 1919

Some of the local barbers are charging 50 cents for a hair cut and 20 cents for a shave. But it is said more of them are holding to the old prices: 35 cents for a hair cut and 15 cents for a shave.

50 years ago: 1969

The Pine Tree Warriors and their director, Bert Dutil came home with first-place awards from a drum and bugle corps competition held at Chelmsford, Mass. The Warriors chalked up a score of 37.15 percent to narrowly defeat the Golden Eagles of Portsmouth, N.H., who earned a 57.1 percent rating. Dutil received an award as the best drum major.

25 years ago: 1994

Just when you thought it was safe to pull up to the pumps, the price of gasoline is creeping up again. After hovering near the one dollar per gallon mark for most of the summer, regular unleaded gas is now priced between $1.06 and $1.13 at area gas stations. While all stations acknowledge the price increase, explanations vary. “Seasonal gas keeps going up in price, typical summer season.”

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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