The Veterans Honor Roll Park. Samuel Wheeler

BETHEL — Bethel resident Craig Ryerson provided selectmen with an update on the Veterans Honor Roll Park at Monday’s meeting.

Ryerson began the meeting by thanking the numerous businesses who have helped with the park which included: Cross Excavation, Savage Excavation, Currier Electric, Region 9, Henry’s Concrete, Wilson Excavation, The Bethel Water District and the “many hours from the committee.”

The primary topic of discussion, however, focused on where to put a fence for the park.

The Veterans Honor Roll Park Committee unanimously voted to build a fence at the town property line, but wanted to ask selectmen if they approved of the location because it is town property.

There are two houses that are on the other side of the town property line.

“The houses butt right up to the town property,” Ryerson said.

Ryerson said they plan to plant trees in front of the chain linked fence in front of the fence that faces the town property.

Ryerson also said the new trees that will be planted will give the abutting properties privacy, which was a concern of one of the abutters.

“I have no issue going with the recommendation (of where to put the fence), but I think we should reach out to the property owners,” Selectman Andy Whitney said.

The trees would act as a visual barrier for the abutters and the fence would be a physical barrier. The main reason for the fence is to ensure that people go through the designated entryways.

Committee member Bob Chadbourne said the fence may also deter dogs from entering the park.

Ryerson said eventually their will be a sign saying the park will be for service dogs only.

Selectmen unanimously approved tabling the decision on where to put the fence until their September meeting.

Ryerson is the Chairman of the Veterans Honor Roll Park Committee.

Other news

Selectmen unanimously approved a bid of $28,000 ($7 per yard) from Tibbetts Trucking for winter sand.

West Bethel resident Pat McCartney asked selectmen if she could put a flag disposal box in front of the Town Office.

“It would be for the convenience of the public so that they would have a place where they could come and drop off used flags,” McCartney said.

The legion would come and empty the box and dispose of the flags properly, when necessary, according to McCartney.

McCartney said as of now, she is unsure how heavy the box is and whether or not it will need to be bolted down.

Select woman Lori Swain suggested bolting it down regardless of its size, so it is not stolen.

Selectman Pete Southam said he did not think space would be an issue, despite the work that will be happening to the front of the building.

The box would be dedicated to her husband, Bob McCartney, who passed away in February of 2018.

Selectmen unanimously approved having the flag disposal box go out in front of the town office.

Selectmen will next meet on Monday, Sep. 9 at 6 p.m. at the Bethel Town Office.

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