Coach: Larry Thornton (fifth year)

Conference: MVC; Class: D South

Last year’s results: 9-6-1, lost in regional semifinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Deja Bennett (M), Molly Bourget (F), Katy Henderson (M), Karen McNeil (D), Kristen Patenaude (D), Chloe Warren (F); Juniors — Kylie Carrier (M), Cara Merrill (D), Grace Chapman (F); Sophomores — Sami Patenaude (M), Isabell Laughton (F), Paige Fogg (M), McKenna Ridlon (D), Ruby Cyr (G), Kassandra Keough (D), Alyssa Litchfield (M), Olivia Buswell (D), Kayden Haylock (D).

Key losses: Maggie Bragg, Julia Dow, Hannah Shields.


Promising newcomers: Seniors — Josephine Replogle (F), Saige Collette (D), Lynn Szabo (M); Junior — Gabby Provencher (D); Sophomores — Lydia Boutot (M), Emily Carrasquillo (D), Kailie Bernard (D), Hadley Blodgett (M); Freshmen — Madison Turcotte (F), Kelsey Violette (F), Chloe Gordon (M).

What to expect: A move to the MVC in soccer means the Bucks will have to work extra hard to compete, but Thornton thinks his team is ready for the challenge. The Bucks have three senior captains on their attack in Henderson, Bourget and Bennett, while Patenaude, Merrill and Ridlon will lead the defense. Youngsters Patenaude and Turcotte will provide a spark at both ends, said Thornton. Cyr will look to replicate her stellar freshman year as a sophomore in goal this season.


Coach: Jon Blaisdell (second year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C

Last year’s results: 0-14


Returning athletes: Senior — Katherine Morse (GK); Juniors — Adrianna Boulanger (M), Tori Bellegarde (D); Sophomores — Destiny Jackson (F).

Key losses: Lillie Williams, Gabby White, Emilie Noyes, Audrey Cox, MacKenzie Ladd, Anastasia Bright, Victoria Averill, Felicity Boulanger.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Alyssa McTyre, Lexi Holman; Juniors — Savannah Sylvester, Autumn Thibideau; Sophomore — Ginger Cross Burnham; Freshmen — Emma McFarland, Kaelynn Bright, Myckayla Bright, Delani Merrill.

Season outlook: The Cougars are short on seasoned veterans but do return an experienced goalkeeper in Katherine Morse. Blaisdell said this is a coachable group that looks to improve as the season progresses.


Coach: Miles Bisher (second year)


Conference: KVAC; Class: A

Last year’s results: 2-9-3.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Caroline Hammond (M), Chantel Ouellette (D/M), Leah Burtchell (D), Julia Berube (F/M), Emily Piper (D/M), Hanna Roy (D/M), Desiree Roussel (F), Kayleigh Leclerc (GK); Juniors — Ella Boucher (F), Allie Annear (GK); Sophomore — Natalie Garcia (M).

Key losses: Grace Fontaine (M), Sarah Charest (D).

Promising newcomers: Junior — Aaliyah Motley (D/M/F); Sophomore — Madisyn Turcotte (D/M/F).

Season outlook: The Red Eddies hope to build off last season’s efforts with a mix of young talent and a strong senior core. They look to improve throughout the season and be competitive at playoff time.



Coach: Amanda Paulson (first year)

Conferences: MAISAD, NEPSAC

Last year’s results: 4-10

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily McCarthy, Aarti Singh (GK).

Key losses: Eliza Quinones, Sophie List, Leah Bonis.


Season outlook: The Lumberjacks enter the season with new coaches and several new players, but also with a lot of energy and excitement. They look forward to facing rivals Gould, Kents Hill and Hyde and being competitive against Lakes Region opponents.


Coach: Avalon Amador (second year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: B South

Last year’s results: 3-10-1

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kaitlyn Anair, Alex Hawksley, Madeline Springer, Julia White, Chloe Bellegarde, McKenna Redstone, Taylor White, Maeghan Perkins, Zoey Capponi, Shelby Varney; Juniors — Leah Maheux, Lotus Laverdiere, Alison Noniewicz, Kayleigh Gilbert, Jayden Carpenter; Sophomores — Sarah Perkins, Carlie Leavitt.


Key losses: Annika Mitchell (D), Jenna Boucher (M), Emily Swan (F).

Promising newcomers: Katie Bilodeau, Emma Chaisson.

What to expect: Amador’s second year at the helm includes a roster filled with seasoned upperclassmen who have all settled into the roles on the team. A competitive summer campaign will hopefully carry into the regular season. And the future could be bright, too, with 15 freshmen in the program.


Coach: Jeff Akerley (first year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A


Last year’s results: 3-9-1.

Returning athletes and promising newcomers: Seniors — Cecelia Racine (F), Adrianna Roy (F), Madeline Foster (M), Camree St. Hilaire (M), Jenna Morin (D), Rachel Ouellette (D); Juniors — Gemma Landry (GK), Chloe Bilodeau (F), Brianne Dube (F), Lauren Foster (F), Julia Svor (F), Julia Paquette (M), Abigail Svor (M), Madison Conley (D), Sydney Roy (D); Sophomores — Charlotte Cloutier (F), Sage Cormier (F), Ava Simpson (GK), Lilly Gish (M), Leah Landry (M), Makenzie Anderson (D), Paige Pomerleau (D); Freshmen — Leah Dube (F), Bailee St. Hilaire (D).

Season outlook: Akerley, a longtime soccer coach in Lewiston, takes over a young and inexperienced squad, but one that matured every day during the preseason. The Blue Devils want to improve on last year’s record, have a winning record and reach the postseason.


Coach: Jenniffer Perron (third season)

Conference: MVC; Class: C


Last year’s results: 10-3-1, lost in C South quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Giana Russo (M), Kiley Merritt (F), Siara Martin (D), Caitlin Hall (D), Abby Lebel (D); Juniors — Destiney Deschaines (M), Mckenzey Bedford (M), Alexis Kaherl (D), Mackenna Poisson (F), Sarah Haggerty (GK), Riece St. Amant (D); Sophomore — Erica Hill (D).

Key losses: Carly Drischler, Jordan Ott.

Promising newcomers: Freshman — Kyra Tancrede.

Season outlook: The Greyhounds are looking to build off their 2018 success and Perron believes they have the returning experience to improve, and hope to make it past the quarterfinals. Russo and Merritt lead the offensive attack, Haggerty is back for a second season in net and Martin and Hill anchor the defense.



Coach: Gary Trafton (13 years)

Conference: MVC; Class: C

Last year’s results: 13-3, lost in C South quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Audrey Fletcher (striker), Anna Lewis (M), Libby Clement (D), Natalie Grandahl (D), Taylor Dumont (striker), Jordyn Gowell (M), Alexis Trott (D); Juniors — Alicen Burnham (striker), Emma Johnson (GK), Amaya Bauer (M), Mya Sirois (striker), Brooke Rooney (M); Sophomores — Megan Ham (striker), Alexa Allen (D), Crystal Frandsen (D)

Key losses: Abbey Crawford.

Promising newcomers: Freshman — Kerstin Paradis (D).


Season outlook: The Mustangs are excited to return so many players from last year’s team that had a great regular season before a disappointing quick playoff exit. They look to carry their regular season success to the postseason this season.


Coach: Jeff Pelletier (third year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C

Last year’s results: 2-12

Returning athletes: Seniors —Saydie Garbarini (M), Ellie LeDuc (D), Kierstyn Lyons (M), Audra Bean (D); Juniors — Gabbie Gallant (M), Courtney Therrien (M), Sarah-Jane Koch (D), Sophie Ladd (F); Sophomores — Alice LeDuc (F), Mikayla Burse (D), Emily Richard (F).


Key losses: Kylee Pelletier (M), Taylor Henry (GK), Kassie-Jo Burgess (F).

Promising newcomers: Juniors — Alexis Allegra (F), Meadow Wind (F/D); Sophomores — Ryleigh Richard (F), Madison Papianou (D), Lilly White (F); Freshmen — Emma Clukey (F), Justice Gendron (GK).

Season outlook: The Falcons return nine of 11 starters from last year’s team and also bring in a promising group of newcomers. They are ready to take a big step forward in the conference.


Coach: Andrew Delcourt

Conference: MVC; Class: C


Last year’s results: 11-5-1, advanced to C South semifinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Baylie McLaughlin (sweeper), River Horn (RW); Juniors — Madison Phelps (DCM), Cameron Wahl (OCM), Kaylee Knight (striker), Alice McKay (M), Cassandra Hobbs (D); ; Sophomores — Brynna Zelie (D), Emily Kidd (GK), Haley Bate (GK).

Key losses: Summer Ross (OCM), Alice Cockerham (RW)

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Olivia Roderick (D), Julia Wells (D), Lily Day (M), Daisy Gusler (striker), Savannah Davis (M), Jaidyn Stewart (striker), Emily Pilsbury (D), Michaela Morgan (D).


Coach: Fred Conlogue (11th season)


Conference: KVAC; Class: A

Last year’s results: 3-10-1

Returning athletes: Seniors — Lexi Mittelstadt (F), Lexy Lowe (F); Juniors — Emma White (M), Kiely Reynolds (M), Brianna Estes-Harrington (D); Sophomores — Lexi Belanger (D), Hannah Wilbur (M), Katie Ladd (D), Eryn Parlin (F), Khloe Dean (D).

Key losses: Ace Provencher (F/D), Bradie Reynolds (F), Macey Phillips (M), Courtney Richard (M), Alexys Greenman (M), Rylee Briggs (M), Katie Brittain (D), Alex McAuley (D), Sierra Fay (D), Ashley Kenney (D), Mackenzie Libby (GK), Madison Hambrick (D), Haley Walsh (M).

Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Grace Bell (F), Sadie McDonough (M); Freshmen — Meren Zeliger (M), Emma Dunn (F), Caitlin Burke (GK), Kaitlyn Daggett (F), Callahan Towle (D), Kamryn Joyce (D/M), Vivian Cormier (F), Emma Casavant (D), Taylor Gordon (F).

Season outlook: Having lost such a large number of players to graduation, the Cougars will have one of the youngest squads in the league. The team has a lot of soccer experience, but not a lot at the varsity level. Many other KVAC North teams also lost top players, so Conlogue thinks Mt. Blue can be in the running for a postseason bid.



Coach: Jeremy Young (fourth year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C

Last year’s results: 12-2 regular season, won MVC title, fell in B South quarters.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Julia Noel (M), Josie Hackett (D), Macie Fletcher (M), Magdolyn Ryder (M), Kenzie Parker (D); Juniors — Audrey Bauer (M), Anna Beach (M), Audrey Dillman (D); Sophomores — Emily Dillman (F), Gabrielle Chessie (F), Lexie Finn (D), Elise Worth (D), Paige Gonya (GK).

Key losses: Sadie Waterman, Abriana Deslauriers, Eliza Whisenant, Jade Sturtevant.


Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Madison Drew (M); Freshman — Riley Crosby (GK).

Season outlook: The Raiders are young, but most of the team saw varsity action last year. Oak Hill is hoping to find more postseason success now that they have moved from Class B to C, while also maintaining their high standing in the the MVC.


Coach: Lindsay Fox (first year)

Conference: KVAC; Class: A

Last year’s results: 9-6-2, reached A North quarterfinal.


Returning athletes: Senior — Cecelia Dieterich; Juniors — Cassidy Dumont (D/M), Kaity Montelongo (D), Cassidy MacIsaac (D), Ella Kellog (F); Sophomores — Bella Devivo (F), Lucy Leonard (D), Katie Hallee (M), Celia Melanson (M).

Key losses: Jill Douglas (GK), Derry Bessette (M/F), Lauren Merrill (M), Gillian Grover (M).

Promising newcomers: Senior — Nadia Wielki (M/F); Junior — Elizabeth Johnson (M); Sophomores — Grace Malo (F), Emily Cummings (D), Trinity Bernard (D/M), Alexandria Adams (D); Freshman — Elizabeth Hallee (GK).

Season outlook: The Vikings are a tight-knit group and are excited for the 2019 season to begin. They will rely on their speed and athleticism as well as the leadership of their captains, led by Cecelia Dieterich. Fox said that with hard work and determiation the Vikings can be in the postseason mix.


Coach: Katrina Seeley (first year)


Conference: WMC; Class: B South

Last year’s results: 3-11

Returning athletes: Seniors — Ally Gagne (D), Kaira Thibault (D), Emma Mocciola (M), Sophia Vallee (D), Amanda’lyn Gagne (D), Mady Miller (D); Juniors — Emily Bellegarde (F), Halie Vachon (F); Sophomores — Gabrielle Bolduc (G/S), Emma Gagne (M), Allie Ferland (M).

Key losses: Leya Harvey (F), Hannah St. Hilaire (M).

Promising newcomers: Junior — Madison Goss (M); Sophomores — Kadie Coutts-Farrington (M/G), Emma Williams (M); Freshmen — Ragyn Harvey (D/F), Sayla Bergeron (F), Madison Valentine (M), Emma Jenkins (D).

What to expect: Seeley takes over a team that has several returning players with varsity experience. She inherits a program low on wins and numbers, but is excited about the energy displayed throughout preseason. Seeley believes the Knights will build a foundation for their program that will help move it forward.



Coach: Chip Smith (seventh year)

Conference: EWC; Class: D South

Last year’s results: 6-6-2, lost in regional quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Lauren Eastlack, Olivia Pye; Juniors — Ellah Smith, Autumn Williams; Sophomores — Winnie LaRochelle, Emily Eastlack, Bristol Quimby, Ella Shaffer, Mya Laliberte.

Promising newcomers: Abi Madrid, Cassie Cielinski, Alicia Bissonette, Jacksyn Haley, Amelia Stokes, Angelica Chavaree.


Season outlook: The Lakers return nine of 11 players from last year’s team. Their goal is to use good game-planning and conditioning to improve their win total throughout the season and be in the mix in the playoffs.


Coaches: Marc Keller and Kelly Gilbert (first year)

Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Last year’s results: 8-5-1, lost in prelim.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Grace Harmatys (MF), Annabelle Collins (D/GK), Riley Gray (D), Jaycee Cole (F), Abby Ortiz (D), Hannah Holland (F); Sophomore — Leah Gilbert (D).


Key losses: Calley Baker, Emily Baker, Moreland Brochu, Anna Bradford, Natalie Luce.

Promising newcomers: Junior — Alexis Harlow (F/MF); Freshmen — Mackenzie Guay (MF), Jazmin Ryder (MF/F), Ava Moffett (MF), Gabby Rodriguez (D/MF), Emma Towers (D/GK), Emma Diaz (F).

Season outlook: The Phoenix have an interesting mix of talented, experienced players and players with little soccer experience, so the veteran players will have to play a role in teaching the game to the newcomers.


Coach: Tyler Shennett (first year)

Conference: WMC; Class: C South


Last year’s results: 9-7, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes and newcomers: Seniors — Raegan Hachey (D), Becca Zimmerman (D); Juniors — Olivia Hallee (F), Giselle Ouellette (D/M), Luisa Geyer-Shaheen (D/M), Emily Wallingford (M), Hannah Kenney (G); Sophomores — Emma Roy (F), Isabella Webster (D), Sydney Dick (F), Ana Moreno (D), Jessie Zimmerman (F); Freshmen — Anna Seguin (F/M), Chloe Whited (D), Natalie Brocke (M/F), Lexi Wallingford (D), Lily Beauchesne (D).

Key losses: Avery Lutrzykowski, Emma Theriault, Abby Castonguay, Addie Suckow.

What to expect: The Saints graduated their top scorer (Lutrzykowski), but Shennett thinks his new team will have more scoring threats. The formation and style that Shennett is having the Saints play should also help the team improve. He said the girls have set their sights high.


Coach: David Lynch (first year)


Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Last year’s results: 5-9

Returning athletes: Seniors — Aneah Bartlett, Calla Orino, Luci Rothwell, Emma Kruse, Abbey Landry; Juniors — Autumn Harrison, Talia Paaso, Katie Evans; Sophomores — Livia Ducette, Macie Hallett, Molly Pereira.

Season outlook: The Rebels have a strong group of returning seniors, and although they are a small squad there are many versatile players ready to play wherever they are needed.


Coach: Mark Carey (second year)


Conference: MVC; Class: C South

Last year’s results: 10-5-1, lost in quarterfinals.

Returning players: Seniors — Aaliyah WilsonFalcone (F/M), Gabby Blanco (M), Brooke Burnham (GK), Sara Condon (D), Natalie Frost (F/M/D), Gabby Ross (F/M); Junior — Nikki MacDonald (F/M); Sophomores — Muriel Luttin (D/M), Averie Silva (F/M), Caroline Squires (D/M).

Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Sophie Blanco (M), Chloe Solloway (D/GK), Libby Wells (D/M); Freshmen — Nea Dibiase (M/F), Kamy Dube (D/M/F), Elsa Gobel/Bain (D/M).

Season outlook: Winthrop returns a solid team, led by leading scorer Aaliyah WilsonFalcone, experienced midfielders, defensive standouts and gifted goalie Brooke Burnham. The Ramblers will mix in a talented crop of newcomers as they pursue a return to the postseason.

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