Coach: Gretchen Curtis (13th year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 10-6, lost in regional semifinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Grace Timberlake, Lauren Ferland; Juniors — Alexa Perreault, Kailey Hackett, Taylor Bryant, Mackenzie Osgood, Page Lueders; Sophomores — Megan Fletcher, Allie Dyke, Abby Stevens, Alyvia Perreault.

Key losses: Sophia Jacques, Alexa Varnum, Devon Fletcher, Ashley Perreault.


Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Bella Lindus, Abby Thibodeau; Freshmen — Jayce Brophy, Kallie Errington, Morgan Woods, Kara Woods, Abby Tibedeau, Abby Therrieault, Sam McGloughlin, Grace Robbins, Caly Gordon, Alyvia Ellis.

What to expect: The Cougars are young this year, but Curtis said they are looking forward to working hard and seeing how they do this season.


Coach: Kim Joler (second year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 6-9, lost in regional quarterfinals


Returning athletes: Seniors — Rebecca Raby (F), Jordan Cummings (M), Anna LeBlanc (B), Miranda Chadbourne (B); Juniors — Elise Syphers (G), Courtney Larson (M) Emma Samson (F), Maizy Demers (B) Rilye Frechette (B), Ema Lamontange (F); Sophomore — Caroline Audette (M).

Key losses: Jaylyn Metivier, Megan Steele, Mikaela Scott, Kiara Fournier, Emma Allen, Bella Coluombe, Olivia Roth.

Promising newcomers: Junior — Hannah Smith (F); Sophomore — Addie Chute (M); Freshman — Madisyn Scott (B).

What to expect: Joler said her hard-working athletes have been dedicated throughout preseason practices. Veteran goalie Elise Syphers, along with a strong defense, will make it difficult for anyone making their way to the cage. The midfielders, led by Jordan Cummings, will use their skills and speed to move the ball down the field. Rebecca Raby and the front line will be determined to make it to the net. The Red Eddies are excited to step on the field and expect to be very competitive this season.


Coach: Christa Roddy (fifth year)


Class: B; Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: 4-10

Returning athletes: Seniors — Madelyn Cote (M), Jasmine French (F), Ashley Garcia (B/M), Sydney Garcia (F), Trizzie Ha (F), Jaida Patterson (F); Juniors — Mack Baston (GK), Tiffany Ha (F), Kassidy Plummer (B); Sophomores — Sydney Pelletier (M), Makenna Powell (B).

Key losses: Maddie Post, Alex Shaw.

Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Cady Kluck (F), Ginny Drew (M/B).

What to expect: With a lot of returning players, the Patriots are excited for the upcoming season. All of the starters have at least one year of varsity experience, allowing the team to continue to build on the positive progress made last season. An increased focus on team building will improve on-field dynamics and encourage productive play. The team is looking for more wins this season and seeking an opportunity to complete in the postseason.



Coach: Ashley LeBlanc (12th year)

Class: NEPSAC Class C; Conference: MAISAD

Last year’s results: 9-5, MAISAD champions

Returning athletes: Seniors — Thekla Jubinville (M), Ainsley King (G), Grace Skelton (F), Molly Skelton (F), Bayleigh Patenaude (D), Brooke Larsen (F), Logan Arseneau (F), Megan Seipp (F).

Key losses: Callie Walker, Magnolia Kinasewich, Julia Schupp, Emma Skelton, Emilia Malinen.


Promising newcomers: Brigh Cote, Sammie Balfour, Sarah English, Nola Goodwin, Antonina Schuchardt.

What to expect: After a successful 2018 season, Hebron is looking to remain competitive in the MAISAD and NEPSAC leagues. They have a strong core of returning players and will be looking for their incoming players to fill key roles.


Coach: Wanda Ward-MacLean (36th year)

Class: B; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 7-8, lost in regional quarterfinals


Returning athletes: Senior — Kayla Leclerc (M/F); Juniors — Ginny Twitchell (B/M), Abby Prosser (B); Sophomores — Ava Gagnon (F), Keriah Marston (M), Eve Martineau (M/B), Daisy Twitchell (B), Sophia Visconti (B).

Key losses: Tamra Benson, Colleen Mathieu, Mackenzie Heathco, Mallory Casey, Haylee Janosco.

Promising newcomers: Junior — Chelsea Freda; Sophomores — Paige DeMascio (G), Cara Jordan (B), Megan Nason (B), Cadence McDowell (B), Cadence McDowell (B), Sophia Castonga (G); Freshman — Cierra Barker (F).

What to expect: Although Leavitt has a core group returning, overall they are still a young team with many first-year players needing to step up to the varsity level. Players need to adjust quickly to the faster-paced, physically stronger play that will be happening. Returning players must perform at a high level for the team to be successful. If everyone can do this, Wanda Ward-MacLean believes Leavitt can be successful this season.


Coach: Chelsea Fournier (third year)


Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 3-11

Returning athletes: Seniors — Ryan Belanger (D), Caroline LaPerriere (D); Juniors — Emma Begin (F), Kate Bilodeau (F), Abigail Chartier (F), Adia Coulombe (D), Cecilia Landry (G), D’Angelina Mbalire (D), Mikayla Tabor (D), Arianna Vallee (M); Sophomores — Ahna Dostie (M), Alexis Freeman (F), Mya Grant (M), Emma Hawley (F), Haley Jackson (M), Kathryn Laslie (D), Cecilia Miller (M), Olivia Penley (D), Kelsey Westleigh (M).

Key losses: Ashley Cronkhite, Jillian Labbe, Erin Lachance, Mariah Madore, Abigail Small, Chantel Soucy.

Promising newcomers: Junior — Charlotte Gastonguay (F); Sophomore — Cadence Nadeau (F); Freshmen — Moriah Baillargeon (F), Kimberly McLaughlin (G), Nora Moulton (M), Julia Perkins (D), Whitney Perkins (F), Deanna Tabor (D).

What to expect: Lewiston’s field hockey team has a lot of combined talent ready to take on the KVAC. Fournier thinks the new defensive formation will work better with goalies to promote passing patterns and team synergy. The midfield players have great field awareness, skill level and agility. The forwards are focused on quick hands, accurate shots, and constant pressure in the scoring circle. They are ready to achieve the team goal of a playoff appearance.



Coach: Julie Petrie (ninth year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 5-9-2, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Sadie Hardt (MF/F), Becky Budesheim (GK), Timber Mattson (MF); Juniors — Emma Willey (MF), Megan Libby (D), Natalie Scott (MF/D); Sophomores — Amelia Mooney (F), Sarah Charest (F).

Key losses: Mallory Fairbanks, Sydney Plourde, Peyton Gosselin.


Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Haley Tuplin (MF), Laura Mockler (MF), Loreesa Potvin (F), Maddy Tuplin (MF), Maria Levesque (GK), Elle Picard (F), Emily Libby (D).

What to expect: The Greyhounds return a solid core defensively and are led by first-team selection goalie Becky Budesheim. The incoming freshmen class adds depth, speed and versatility to Lisbon’s lineup. This young team is eager to learn and hungry to compete. Blending the newcomers with the solid veterans could make for an exciting season. The goal for Lisbon is to be a contender come playoff time.


Coach: Melissa Forbes (22 years)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 13-4, lost in regional final


Returning athletes: Seniors — Avery Sevigny (F), Cloey Ledesma (S); Juniors — Rylee Sevigny (F), Alexis Baltrus (B); Sophomores — Autumn Freeman (M), Alana Young (M), Lauren Pepin (B), Nora Tag (G).

Key losses: Leigha Carrier, Courtney Carrier, Breanna Burgess, Faith Riddick, Ariana Viger, Keziah Hartzell.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Abigail Gauvin (B); Sophomores — Taylor Duguay (F), Destiny Therrien (M); Freshmen — Tanna Gammon (M), Alivia Knox (M).

What to expect: Forbes said that every team in the MVC is going to be competitive and well-coached. Mountain Valley expects to be right in the middle of the pack, since they have a core of players back from last season.


Coach: Jody Harmon (eighth year)


Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 11-4-2, lost in regional final

Returning athletes: Seniors — Brooke Bolduc (G), Molly Harmon (M), Madison Bard (M/D), Mackenzie Latimer (D), Leia Durrell (D), Ashley Parlin (M/F), Bailey Levesque (D), Cally Chick (D), Emmalee Clark (D); Juniors — Rylee Keaten (M), Farrah Ballou (D), Whitney Fraser (D), Ella Stone (M), Kelsey Dorman (M/F); Sophomores — Brooklynn Keene (G), Eva Stevens (F/M), Natalie Howard (F), Anna Hyde (M/D), Elle Marshall (F).

Key losses: Ellie Pelletier.

What to expect: Mt. Blue will be a strong competitor, gaining confidence and strength in all areas and very excited for the 2019 season.



Coach: Betsy Gilbert (14th year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 9-6, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Angela Strout (D), Desirae Dumais (F); Juniors — Adelle Surette (F/Mid), Sophie Childs (D), Mikaya Culp (D/Mid); Sophomores — Brianna Dumais (Mid), Olivia Staggs (Mid), Cassie Steckino (F).

Key losses: Zoe Buteau, Lexi Faucher, Kaylei Robichaud, Cassidy Spencer, MacKenzie Thibeault, Breanna St. Hillaire, Hayley Salger, MaKayla Pollard.

Promising newcomers: Juniors — Kiera LeVesque (G), Natalie Moody (G); Sophomores — Julia Lane (D/Mid), Amanda Beaule ( D/F); Freshmen — Julie Mooney (F/Mid), Chloe Fournier (D), Kelsey Young (D), Lilly Coburn (Mid).


What to expect: This year’s team is young and Gilbert said they are all putting in the hard work required in building their new foundation. They have strong leadership from Angela Strout, Desirae Dumais and Adelle Surette, who are setting the expectations and leading by example in mentoring their young players. The focus is one day at a time — mastering the skills in building a solid foundation takes time. Gilbert said they have proven thus far to be a very determined group that gives the team 100%.


Coach: Cindy Goddard (32nd year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 7-7-1, lost in regional quarterfinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kate Bowen (M), Brooke Carson (F), Madison Day (G), Shaelyn Hanscom (B), Lauren Merrill (M), Megan Godbout (F), Maggie Hartnett (M), Kori Kahkonen (B), Jade Smedberg (F), Mackenzie Truman (B).


Promising newcomers: Juniors — Olivia Gallan, Stella Shaw; Freshmen — Sierra Carson, Molly Corbett, Bree Heikkinen, Allison Slicer.

What to expect: With many returning players and a strong senior class and the talent on the newcomers, Coach Goddard expects the Vikings to finish in the top half of Class A North.


Coach: Mara Balboni (second year)

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: 7-8, lost in regional quarterfinals


Returning athletes: Seniors — Olivia Bell (M), Faith Davis (B), Nyah Levesque (B), Ashton Sturtevant (G), Autumn Willis (F); Junior — Sophie Patenaude (F/M); Sophomore — Ellen Marquis-Boutin (M).

Key losses: Bri Doucette, Hwida Sevigny.

Promising newcomers: Juniors — Emma Kilton (F), Maddie Wante (B); Freshmen — Abby Bsullak (F), Emma Moreau (M).

What to expect: The Knights have a lot of athletes stepping into new roles this year. With the seniors being the biggest class, they are preparing underclassmen to fill their roles. They lost the core of their offense from last year and are looking to use their individual skills and strengths to fill the gaps. They are excited to have new talent coming from their younger players and look forward to developing their field hockey skills.


Coach: Katie Trask (first year)


Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 11-6-1, lost in state championship

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Castonguay (F), Isabelle Castonguay (B), Melissa Bamford (GK), Ashley Campbell (B), Jenna Martin (B), Kayla Adams (B); Juniors — Auriana Armandi (F), Hanni Johnson (M); Sophomore — Jayden Achorn (GK).

Key losses: Julie Doiron, Emily White, Avery Williams, Ashlyn Williams, Katelyn Beaupre, Brooke Buote, Erin McPherson, Julia Pomeroy.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Karissa Ritter (M/B); Juniors — Megan Brown (M), Alicia Bridges (GK); Sophomore —Ella Plourde; Freshmen — Mariyah Fournier (F/B), Nora Castonguay (F), Ryleigh Castonguay (F).

What to expect: Spruce Mountain is looking to have a fast, versatile team. They have talent all over the field and a few key players who will elevate their games to the postseason.



Coach: Abigail Bowie (first year)

Class: C; Conference: WMC.

Last year’s results: 12-4, lost in regional semifinals

Returning athletes: Seniors — Mia Angelina Leslie (F), Avery Greco (M), Simone Long (GK); Juniors — Anna Cote (M), Autumn Gonzales (M), Amelia Fortin (D); Sophomores — Bryana Archer (D), Maddie Tyus (D), Julianne Cook (F).

Key losses: Paige Cote, Caroline Johnson, Bailey Derocher, Kylie Leavitt, Charlotte Gastonguay.


Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Kathleen Dean (M), Bella Perryman (F); Freshmen — Lorelei Bonney (M), Emma Daiglesh (GK), Ava Apodoca (D), Isabella Pelletier (F).

What to expect: St. Dom’s is a young team, but they have a lot of promising talent. Anna Cote is holding down the midfield after recovering from an ACL injury, while Avery Greco and Simone Long are holding down the backfield. The Saints’ forward line is quite young, but they are strong and fast.


Coach: Gail Wight (32nd year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 0-14


Returning athletes: Seniors — Perry Morton (G), Emily Fraser (B); Juniors — Madeline Hallett (M), Brooklyn Kimball (F), Jewel Smith (FB), Ava Doucette (M), Maddie Buck (M); Sophomores — Nicole Cox (M), Julia Head (F), Addie Charette (M), Natasha Mason (M), Maya Taylor (F).

Key losses: Emily Harrington, Sarahanne Wright.

Promising newcomers: Junior — Shelby Thorman (back); Sophomores — EB Hoff (G), Leah Kimball(F), Jordan Berry (back); Freshman — Autumn Thompson (M).

What to expect: The team is working hard on field positions to create scoring opportunities. The majority of the team did see varsity time and is looking to build from last season.


Coach: Jess Merrill (seventh year)


Class: C, Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 17-1, Class C state champions

Returning athletes: Seniors — Gia Francis (F); Junior — Kerrigan Anuszewski (M), Abbie Ross (B), Lindsay Letourneau (M/F); Sophomore — Maddie Perkins (F).

Key losses: Moriah Hajduk, Katie Perkins, Bre Feeney, Layne Audet, Nora Conrad, Olivia Simonson, Aiva Agri, Hanna Caprara.

Promising newcomers: Juniors — Brooklyn Gaghan (F), Hannah Duley (F), Dana Lesko, (B); Sophomore — Elle Folsom (G); Freshmen — Emma Shuman (M), Rhyan Salivich (M), Isabella Littler (F), Madison Weymouth (G), Brooke Belz (M).

What to expect: After graduating eight starters from last year’s team, Winthrop has spent a lot of time this summer and preseason learning new roles and developing new connections. They have a young, but talented group. Early on the team’s focus will be to continue the development of the younger players and expect to peak as the season progresses. They return their leading scorer with Maddie Perkins and Merrill expects her and Kerrigan Anuszewski to pace the team. They expect to compete hard with the expectation of going deep into the postseason.

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