AUBURN — The Auburn Police Department is urging residents to lock their vehicles after 9 p.m. and remove valuables from them following an uptick in car burglaries in the city.

Sgt. James Lawlor said that while motor vehicle burglaries in Auburn typically come “in spurts,” the last few weeks have seen an “influx” of them, with seven burglaries reported from Sept. 6 to 8.

Lawlor said that most people looking to break into a vehicle are looking for cars that are unlocked or easy to break into.

“They don’t want to break a window or make an alarm go off,” Lawlor said. “Most people breaking into vehicles are looking for unlocked vehicles with easily accessible items.”

On their Facebook page, the Auburn Police Department wrote that by 9 p.m., residents should remove valuables from their vehicle, lock them, and make sure their vehicles are located in a well-lit place.

“It’s an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality,” Lawlor said. “If burglars can’t see stuff in your vehicle, and it’s locked, they’re not going to bother.”

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