Founder of the Land Conservation Network, Amos S. Eno, will address the L-A Rotary Club at the Oct. 10 meeting.

AUBURN — Amos S. Eno, president and founder of Land Conservation Assistance Network (LandCAN), will be the featured speaker of the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Lunch Club Thursday, Oct. 10, at the Village Inn, 165 High St.

Eno has been changing the environmental policy and philosophical landscape for 45 years. He has challenged government, the corporate world and environmental leaders to think differently about environmental policy, conservation vs. preservation, development and land use.

Simultaneous with founding the Land Conservation Assistance Network (LandCAN) in 2000, Eno was executive director of the New England Forestry Foundation where he engineered the two largest privately held land conservation easements in the United States totaling 1.1 million acres, the Pingree Project and the Downeast Project.

For 10 years, Enos was executive director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; he re-organized NFWF into a regionally managed organization to improve services. He has been director of wildlife programs at the National Audubon Society and editor of the Audubon Wildlife Reports.

Enos served as special assistant in the Office of Endangered Species at the Department of the Interior. He served as assistant to Nathaniel P. Reed, assistant secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, 1974-1976, working on Alaska lands, endangered species and national wildlife refuges. Cleo Layton was his mentor.

Founder of the Resources First Group, a consulting company, Eno’s past clients included Secretary of the Department of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Resources Legacy Fund, Nature Conservancy, New England Forestry Foundation and the Louisiana Secretary of Natural Resources.

L-A Rotary meets from noon to 1 p.m. every Thursday at the Village Inn. Lunch is available for $14. Guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome.

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