At a 9/11 service in Livemore Falls Wednesday, police officers and firefighters from that town and firefighters from Livermore salute during the Pledge of Allegiance. Franklin Journal photo by Pam Harnden

LIVERMORE FALLS — At 6 p.m. Wednesday, September 11 some three dozen people gathered in Union Park for a 9/11 remembrance service.

Many were members of the Livermore Falls police and fire departments or the Livermore fire department. Some were town officials from the Tri-Town area and the rest were veterans, family members or community members.

Livermore brought one engine while Livermore Falls brought the tanker, tower and utility vehicle.

Donald Simoneau of the George Bunten American Legion Post 10 said this is a required moment.

“Eighteen years ago at 8:46 a.m. a flight crashed into the first (North) Tower,” he said. “At 9:03 the second (South) Tower was hit. The twin towers, the highest buildings in New York City were on fire, in trouble.

“Everyone in New York City responded to the call. Fire, police, secret service.

“While that was happening a third flight crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37. Congress evacuated the Capital.

“By the time of the third crash, United Airlines’ Flight 93 had been hijacked and was out of contact. All knew it was an attack on America.

Don Simoneau, George Bunten American Legion Post 10 salutes while Livermore Falls firefighter Scott Shink carries out the striking of the four fives, which indicates the death of a firefighter. It was part of a 9/11 Remembrance program held in Livermore Falls on Wednesday. Franklin Journal photo by Pam Harnden

“Our eyes and hearts were all glued to our televisions. While we were watching 2,996 people perished. Among them were 343 NYC firefighters, 23 NYC police officers, 37 Port Authority officers. At the Pentagon 55 military officers were killed.

“Suddenly there’s another crash. Flight 93 went down in a Pennsylvania field at 10:07.

“It is assumed the flight was heading for the Capitol. The 40 passengers on the plane overpowered the attackers. Everyone on the plane perished.

“A lot of people thought this is the end of the attack, called it the attack on America.

“I call it the beginning of the attack on America. Since that day when 90,000 responded to the call, 40,000 of them are now dying. They ran in when others ran out.

“We can’t forget. 241 police have died since then, linked to the dust. 110 firefighters have lost the battle to that dust. It’s not done.”

Scott Shink, Livermore Falls Fire Department performed the striking of the four fives, signaling the death of a firefighter.  Livermore Fire Chief Donald Castonguay read the Firefighter Prayer.

Livermore Falls police officer Stephan Gould read the Police Officers Prayer, then veteran Paul Bright stepped to the microphone.

A 9/11 service was held in Union Park, Livermore Falls Wednesday. Paul Bright performed the Alan Jackson song Where Were You. Picasa

Before singing ‘Where Were You’ by Alan Jackson he said, “On the day this occurred, I was dropping my wife off at the Portland Jetport. Five minutes after the first crash she flew to Cleveland. Thankfully she made it. She’s here tonight.”

Simoneau said, “Since 9/11, 4,491 Americans have been lost  in Iraq with 31,951 injured.

“In Afghanistan there have been more than 2,400 deaths and more than 24,000 wounded.

“These numbers should scare you. It all started on a beautiful September day.”

Simoneau spoke of a service he attended in Freeport earlier in the day.

“The three Freeport Flag Ladies have gathered weekly since 9/11, more than 900 times in 18 years. Elaine’s (Greene) parting words, ‘We’ve got to stop thinking about this country being red and blue. This country is red, white and blue.’

“We must never forget 9/11.”

Chris Dumais, retired from Livermore Falls Fire Department and American Legion member, gave the benediction.

Several community members stepped up to thank the firefighters and police officers for attending.

Prior to a 9/11 service in Livermore Falls community members gathered to talk. Franklin Journal photo by Pam Harnden

At the 9/11 service in Livermore Falls Wednesday, Chris Dumais gave the benediction. A member of George Bunten American Legion Post 10, he is also retired from the Livermore Falls Fire Dept. Franklin Journal photo by Pam Harnden

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