Tuesday, Oct. 1 — Roy Davis, 53, of Milford, was summoned for disorderly conduct toward a police officer. Officer Lucas Murphy witnessed Davis being rough with his dog on Middle St. and Davis yelled and swore at Murphy after being warned.

Wednesday, Oct. 2 — Casey Fitzgerald, 41, of Old Town, was arrested for failing to pay fines and was brought to Penobscot County Jail.

Thursday, Oct. 3 — At 12:28 a.m. officers responded to 120 Main St. for a report of a homeless person in the day room. They located Alicia Whitmore, 33, who was free on bail. They searched her for marijuana and illegal drugs and found a crack pipe. She was arrested for violating conditions of her release.

Thursday, Oct. 3 — At 9:58 a.m., Sgt. Ryan Bailey went to 446 Main St., after James Keith, 54, of Old Town, made comments about blowing up an apartment building. Keith raised a j-hook in a threatening manner and was tased and brought to the jail. He was charged with disorderly conduct, refusing to submit to arrest, threatening with a dangerous weapon, terrorizing and obstructing government administration.

Friday, Oct. 4 — Officer Justin Angleo responded to Hannaford, Stillwater Avenue, for a shoplifting complaint. Ryan Doucette, 42, of Old Town, was free on bail after he received a criminal trespass warrant in June for Hannaford. He was arrested for violating the conditions of his release and criminal trespassing.

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