ELA: Mrs Jerome reports: Words, words, words!  Vocabulary words are given out weekly where students are given a word list that’s pulled directly out of their class novel.  Students are to define, put in their own words, find examples, and ultimately use in their everyday language and writing. 8th graders practice these skills using a dictionary while making note cards for each new word.  Students build on the word list and by the end of the year, they will have learned over 120 new vocabulary words. Historical fiction is the genre for the first trimester while reading the novel, The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Elizabeth George Speare teaches young readers about life in the 17th century and how some beliefs of the Puritans influence their lives and/or country.

Science: Mr. Hedden reports that 8th grade Science has been working on understanding how adding mass to a vehicle will affect its speed when rolling down a ramp. Students have used the 3D printer in order to make vehicles which would accept different masses so they could change that variable. Students will be working on building rockets next!

American History: Mrs. Kimball reports that We are currently summarizing and interpreting information from different sources and learning new vocabulary words through working on the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. Students have completed illustrated timelines for the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, and we have started reading the novel, Sarah Bishop to learn first hand how it felt to be a young teen caught in the middle of both sides of the American Revolution.

Math: Mr. Booth reports that in 8th grade math classes, students are working with volume formulas.   One focus during this work is how students write and organize their math on paper.  Better organization will help students in later topics. In Algebra, students have just finished working with properties in Mathematics.  They are justifying the steps and processes that they have been using in math for years.  Their next work is with rearranging formulas to solve for different variables.

NorthStar: The NorthStar program just got back from our annual trip to the Common Ground Fair.  A group of 7th-grade students made the drive to Unity, ME on Thursday, September 19th to camp overnight with the many volunteers it takes to make the fair a success.  On Friday morning we cooked breakfast, broke down camp, walked into the fair, and started exploring all the exciting hands-on demos, animal barns, the youth zone, and many other areas.  Because we signed up for an afternoon volunteer shift we were provided a beautiful lunch made with all Maine ingredients, free admission to the fair, and a volunteer tee shirt after we completed our shift. This was a great first trip to help students learn more about NorthStar and the types of activities they will do if they join the program this February.



After School Activities:  Late Bus Departs TMS at 5:00 daily.

MKA: After school activities run Monday through Thursday until the late bus. Weight room is also available.  Students must have a handwritten note, an email, or a permission slip in order to attend.

Mountain Biking Club: Meets on Mondays and Thursdays. Students interested need to join MKA, return their form to Miss. Crockett and either bring their bike to school or speak with Miss Crockett for a loaner through MKA. Any questions can be addressed through the MIddle School office.

After School Academy (ASA):  Students can get homework help, redo assignments and/or assessments, or just have extra work time! Each grade level meets after school on Tuesday until 4:00 and students are provided a snack.  Students need a note to stay after including a plan on how they are going home following ASA. Middle school students also have the option of attending Saturday School from 8:00-11:00 am for additional academic help and work time as well.

Box Tops for Education: Please save your Boxtops for education labels and have your students turn them in with their RAP teachers! The collection days are the last Wednesday of every month. Even if you don’t have a student at TMS, but would still like to support our students, Box Tops can be collected and dropped off in the Middle School office at your convenience!  Our Student Leadership is taking on the task of clipping and counting this year for us, thank you!

The Giving Closet: TMS and the NorthStar Program created a clothing and accessory “store” where everything is FREE. THS/TMS students are encouraged to check in with Mrs. Mastroianni, our school counselor, Mrs. Luetje, our Dean of Students or Lyndsey Smith, our 4-H Youth Mentor for an appointment! The closet will also be open during all three lunch blocks every other Thursday. Feel free to contact us for more information.

**Toiletries, hair accessories and makeup are always appreciated donations that can come through the Middle School office.

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