FARMINGTON — Thirty-four Mt. Blue High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society Wednesday, Oct. 16, in The Forum at Mt. Blue Campus.

The Mt. Blue High School chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed 34 new members on Wednesday, Oct. 16. New members are: Megan Baker, Ayden Beisaw, Tricia Souther Bowering, Andy Chen, Carolyn Coolidge, Isabelle Decker, Kelsey Dorman, Riley Drummond, Leia Durrell, Whitney Fraser, Daphne Giampietro, Alexander Gurney, Lucien Hammond, Taegan Heath, Allison Hodgdon, Maggie Hufnagel, Gretchen Huish, Rylee Keaton, Adam Loewen, Morgan-Ashli Macomber, Ethan McIntosh, Jack Murray, Malia Ranger, Kennady Savage, Rachel Spear, Breanna Sprague, Alejandro Snell, Ella Stone, Claire Wagner, Haley Walsh, Emma White, Emily Willett, Sylvia Williamson and Malia Witherell. Submitted photo

Advisor Sean Minear applauded the educational and leadership successes of the inductees.

Current members then explained the four pillars of the National Honor Society. Sophia Pires described character, Molly Harmon explained leadership, Mazie Gordon described scholarship, Clayton McCarthy read about service.

Inductees received a certificate, membership card and tassel. Cords will be presented to seniors in the spring.

New NHS members are: Megan Baker, Ayden Beisaw, Tricia Souther Bowering, Andy Chen, Carolyn Coolidge, Isabelle Decker, Kelsey Dorman, Riley Drummond, Leia Durrell, Whitney Fraser, Daphne Giampietro, Alexander Gurney, Lucien Hammond, Taegan Heath, Allison Hodgdon, Maggie Hufnagel, Gretchen Huish, Rylee Keaton, Adam Loewen, Morgan-Ashli Macomber, Ethan McIntosh, Jack Murray, Malia Ranger, Kennady Savage, Rachel Spear, Breanna Sprague, Alejandro Snell, Ella Stone, Claire Wagner, Haley Walsh, Emma White, Emily Willett, Sylvia Williamson and Malia Witherell.

Standing NHS members joined in welcoming inductees. They are: Dawson Black, Brooke Bolduc, Cally Chick, Emmalee Clark, Kahryn Cullenburg, Jackson Eustis, Mazie Gordon, Angela Guppy, Molly Gurney, Harmon, Julia Hatch, Valerianne Hinkley, Kali Howard, Hailey Kaminsky, Mackenzie Latimer, Breanna Maxim, McCarthy, Lexi Mittelstadt, Pires, Nathaniel Rackliff, Olivia Schanck, Evan Stone, Amber Tewksbury, Finn Towle, Emmett Trafton and Elijah Yeaton.

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