Mixed bouquet: (1) Tom Saviello, Sarah Hilton; (2) Holly Price, Patti Millette; (3) Carol Chase, Mary McKenney

Asters: (1) Mary McKenney, Carol Chase; (2) Arlene Welch, Tom Saviello

Bachelor Buttons: (1) Ruth Archer, Mary McKenney; (2) Deborah T Probert; (3) Maggie Cook

Calendulas: (1) Mary McKenney, Irene Couture; (2) Arlene Welch; (3) Carole Lee

Cosmos: (1) Deborah T Probert, Carol Chase; (2) Linda Chapman; (3) Arlene Welch

Dahlias: (1) Carol Chase, Wilda McDaniel; (2) Mary McKenney, Ruth Archer; (3) Tom Saviello, Arlene Welch

Gladiolus: (1) Charlene Churchill, Maggie Cook; (2) Winona Mosher, Jim Kiernan; (3) Mary McKenney, Ruth Archer

Lilies: (1) Jennifer Doherty

Marigolds: (1) Deborah T Probert, Carol Chase; (2) Ruth Archer, Mary McKenney; (3) Arlene Welch, Maggie Cook

Mums: (1) Carol Chase, Tom Saviello

Nasturtiums: (1) Deborah T Probert, Arlene Welch, Stephen Potter; (2) Joanne Chancey, Nick Chancey, Wilda McDaniel; (3) Mary McKenney

Pansies: (1) Maggie Cook, Carol Chase, Brooke Bailey; (2) Wilda McDaniel, Arlene Welch; (3) Deborah T Probert

Petunias: (1) Mary McKenney, Irene Couture; (2) Maggie Cook, Carol Chase; (3) Arlene Welch

Poppy: (1) Deborah T Probert

Roses: (1) Winona Mosher, Alden Hallett, Emily Williams

Snapdragons: (1) Wilda McDaniel, Patti Millette; (2) Deborah T Probert, Carol Chase; (3) Arlene Welch

Sunflowers: (1) Brinlee Gage, Mary McKenney, Natasha Nile; (2) Stephen Potter, Tom Saviello, Jim Kiernan; (3) Joanne Chancey

Sweet Peas: (1) Marion Scharoun

Zinnias: (1) Ruth Archer, Tom Saviello; (2) Irene Couture, Wilda McDaniel; (3) Carole Lee, Mary McKenney

Miscellaneous: (1) Mary McKenney, Carol Chase, Alden Hallett; (2) Emily Williams; (3) Kate Chapman, Tom Saviello

Dried Flower: (1) Mary McKenney, Danny Poulin; (2) Judy Poulin

Straw Flowers: (1) Mary McKenney

Display 3 Vases from varieties listed: (1) Arlene Welch, Brinlee Gage, Arlene Welch, Arlene Welch, Maggie Cook, Arlene Welch, Arlene Welch, Maggie Cook, Maggie Cook, Maggie Cook, Arlene Welch, Maggie Cook Arlene Welch, Maggie Cook; (2) Deborah T Probert

Wild Flowers: (1) Tom Saviello, Nick Chancey, Emily O’Donnell; (2) Deborah T Probert, Ruth Archer; (3) Carol Chase, Wilda McDaniel

Single African violet: (1) Wilda McDaniel, Arlene Welch; (2) Alberta Currier

Single house plant, Flowering: (1) Carole Lee, Mary McKenney; (2) Arlene Welch, Wilda McDaniel

Single house plant, Green: (1) Alden Hallett, Carole Lee, Mary McKenney; (2) Chad Williams, Arlene Welch

Display Fresh Herbs: (1) Mary McKenney, Irene Couture; (2) Arlene Welch, Maggie Cook

Birthday: (1) Nick Chancey, Deborah T Probert, Carol Chase; (2) Mary McKenney, Emily O’Donnell; (3) Irene Couture

Christmas: (1) Carol Chase, Mary McKenney, Nick Chancey; (2) Arlene Welch, Holly Price; (3) Emily O’Donnell

Driftwood And Flowers: (1) Carol Chase, Nick Chancey; (2) Joanne Chancey

Easter: (1) Carol Chase, Deborah T Probert; (2) Arlene Welch

Halloween: (1) Carol Chase, Deborah T Probert; (2) Carole Lee, Mary McKenney; (3) Arlene Welch

Thanksgiving: (1) Carol Chase, Holly Price; (2) Emily O’Donnell; (3) Arlene Welch

Valentine: (1) Deborah T Probert, Carol Chase; (2) Mary McKenney, Arlene Welch; (3) Holly Price

Wedding or Anniversary: (1) Mary McKenney, Carol Chase; (2) Arlene Welch; (3) Irene Couture

Best of Show: Carol Chase



Oil or acrylic Landscape: Maria Howatt, Noah Miller, Peggy Riley

Oil or acrylic Seascape: 3rd Marjorie Austin

Oil or acrylic Animal: Joyce Dubay, Peggy Riley

Oil or acrylic Buildings: 2nd Rick Christenson, 3rd Peggy Riley

Oil or acrylic Portraits: Marjorie Austin, 3rd Alissa Geis

Oil or acrylic Abstract: Noah Miller, Carlton Rollins Jr

Watercolor/Gouacle Landscape: 2nd Janet Washburn

Watercolor/Gouacle Seascape: Janet Washburn

Watercolor/Gouacle Animal: 2nd Laurie Barker

Watercolor/Gouacle Birds: 3rd Janet Washburn

Pastel/Colored pencil Landscape: 3rd Joyce Dubay

Pastel/Colored pencil Seascape: 2nd Joyce Dubay

Pencil or charcoal Portrait: Alexis Burbank, Alissa Geis, Kaylyn Walker

Best of Show: Marjorie Austin


Oil or acrylic Landscape: Heidi Grindahl, Donna S Laliberte, Angela Longley

Oil or acrylic Seascape: Jerry Black, Joe Terranova, Jared Perkins

Oil or acrylic Animal: Donna S Laliberte, Sukie Stevens, Sally Speich

Oil or acrylic Birds: Diane Thompson, Shirley Hargreaves

Oil or acrylic Building: 2nd Jadah Adams

Oil or acrylic Still Life: Donna S Laliberte, Pam Starbird, Sukie Stevens

Oil or acrylic Portrait: Marjorie Tardiff, Pam Starbird, Jerry Cooper

Oil or acrylic Abstract: Lisa McGowan

Watercolor/Gouacle Landscape: 2nd Jared Perkins; 3rd Carole Lee

Watercolor/Gouacle Seascape: Adam Belanger, Carole Lee, Kate Chapman

Watercolor/Gouacle Animal: Heidi Grindahl, Kate Chapman, Nancy Lewis

Watercolor/Gouacle Still Life: Patti Millette, 3rd Carole Lee

Watercolor/Gouacle Portrait: 2nd Kate Chapman

Pastel/Colored pencil Animal: 2nd Baxter Tardiff, 3rd Brynn Dakin

Pastel/Colored pencil Birds: 2nd John Najarian

Pastel/Colored pencil Still Life: Marjorie Tardiff, Jared Winslow, Rebecca Essman

Pastel/Colored pencil Portrait: John Najarian, Marjorie Tardiff

Pastel/Colored pencil Abstract: Kristen Gideon, Amanda Chubbuck

Pen/Ink & ink marker Seascape: Jerry Black, Kristen Gideon

Pen/Ink & ink marker Animal: Angela Longley

Pen/Ink & ink marker Birds: John Najarian

Pen/Ink & ink marker Still Life: 2nd Tiffany Greene, 3rd Kristen Gideon

Pen/Ink & ink marker Abstract: Jared Winslow

Pencil or charcoal Landscape: 2nd Kayleen Trask

Pencil or charcoal Seascape: Kayleen Trask

Pencil or charcoal Animal: Jason Abbott, Ethan Hodson, Marly Tardiff

Pencil or charcoal Still Life: Kayleen Trask, Jared Winslow, Heidi Grindahl

Pencil or charcoal Portrait: Casey Dingley, Michelle Wilcox

Best of Show: Jerry Black


Oil or acrylic Landscape: Skylee Brann, Amelia Ross, John Curtis Winslow

Oil or acrylic Seascape: Christopher Crawford, Kaelyn Parlin, Riley Tardiff

Oil or acrylic Animal: Skylee Brann, Holly Tardiff, Christopher Crawford

Oil or acrylic Bird: Riley Tardiff

Oil or acrylic Building: 2nd Christopher Crawford, 3rd John Curtis Winslow

Oil or acrylic Still Life: Paden Nile

Oil or acrylic Portrait: Abigal Bernard, Tucker Tardiff

Oil or acrylic Abstract: Paige White, John Curtis Winslow

Watercolor/Gouacle Landscape: Audrey Miller, Lauren Howatt, Julian Reynolds

Watercolor/Gouacle Seascape: Tenya Buck, Daniela Cundick

Watercolor/Gouacle Still Life: 3rd Skylee Brann

Pastel/Colored pencil Landscape: Stephen Potter, Isabella Hazard, Chase Schiche

Pastel/Colored pencil Seascape: Kati Mills, Erin Meng

Pastel/Colored pencil Still Life: Tucker Tardiff, Holly Tardiff, Daniela Cundick

Pastel/Colored pencil Portrait: Sophie Bernard, Prudence Richards

Pen/ink & ink marker Landscape: Isabella Hazard, Daniela Cundick

Pen/ink & ink marker Animal: Heidi Osborne, Austin Ragsdale

Pen/ink & ink marker Still Life: 2nd Austin Ragsdale

Pen/ink & ink marker Portrait: Nathalie Baker

Pen/ink & ink marker Abstract: 2nd Megan Gideon

Pencil or charcoal Animal: Heidi Osborne, Nathalie Baker, Shye Buck

Pencil or charcoal Still Life: 3rd Megan Gideon

Pencil or charcoal Portrait: Holly Tardiff, Abigal Bernard, Nathalie Baker

Pencil or charcoal Abstract: Abigal Bernard, Janessa Longley, Paige White

Best of Show: Abigal Bernard


–01870 Bernard, Abigal 1

Oil & acrylic Landscape: Destiny Williams, Elijah Phillips, Corey Peer

Oil & acrylic Seascape: Emily Doucette, Gantley Bean

Oil & acrylic Animal: Jaiden Hebert, Jacob Decker, Cooper Tardif

Oil & acrylic Bird: Emily Doucette, Barrett Geis

Oil & acrylic Building Gabriel Miller

Oil & acrylic Still Life: Emily Doucette, Nathan Miller, Landen Nile

Oil & acrylic Abstract: Corey Peer, Nathan Miller, George Patterson

Watercolor/Gouacle Landscape: Emily Hazard, Fletcher Reynolds, Michaela Cundick

Watercolor/Gouacle Animal: Astrid Grindahl, Destiny Williams, Fiona Grindahl

Watercolor/Gouacle Birds: 2nd Destiny WilliamS

Watercolor/Gouacle Still Life: 2nd Elizabeth Hazard

Watercolor/Gouacle Abstract: Isaac Reynolds

Pastel/Colored pencil Landscape: Micah Phillips, Abigail Ragsdale, Elizabeth Hazard

Pastel/Colored pencil Seascape: Elijah Phillips

Pastel/Colored pencil Animal: Fiona Grindahl

Pastel/Colored pencil Birds: Michaela Cundick

Pastel/Colored pencil Building: Hunter Schiche

Pastel/Colored pencil Still Life: Denis Ragsdale

Pastel/Colored pencil Portrait: Evren Dingley

Pen/Ink & ink marker Landscape: Emmaline Soule

Pen/Ink & ink marker Seascape: Bryce Norton

Pen/Ink & ink marker Animal: Morgan Osborne, Bailey Soule

Pen/Ink & ink marker Still Life: Elizabeth Hazard, Emily Hazard

Pen/Ink & ink marker Abstract: Micah Phillips, Cooper Tardif

Pencil or charcoal Landscape: Astrid Grindahl

Pencil or charcoal Animal: Astrid Grindahl, Karlie Hutchinson, Michaela Cundick

Pencil or charcoal Bird: Keon Stevens

Pencil or charcoal Still Life: 2nd Elijah Phillips

Pencil or charcoal Portait: Axel Grindahl, Gantley Bean, Morgan Osborne

Best of Show: Emily Doucette

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